700.000 Euros have already been spent in kronach

With the takeover of the kronacher wohnungsbaugesellschaft (KWG) and its properties on 1. March of this year, the zentral boden immobilien gruppe (ZBI) had pledged, among other things, to invest seven million euros by 2015.

As peter groner, chairman of the board of directors, explained, 700 people have already joined since march.000 euros have been spent. In addition, further measures with a volume of 1.5 million euros are being implemented. Further negotiations and tenders are currently underway for work worth around three million euros. No wonder, then, that mayor wolfgang beiergroblein () is fully satisfied with the development and feels vindicated in the decision to have bewitched the kronach housing association. "This was a real iron. And i am pleased to say that it was well forged."

No luxury renovations
Groner emphasized that ZBI wanted to push ahead with the refurbishment of the 775 apartments as quickly as possible. "We don't want to wait three years, we want to do it all in one go." The chairman of the ZBI management board was referring not least to the economic aspect, especially as demand was enormous. "When an apartment is renovated, it's gone immediately", emphasized groner and referred to the 35 apartments that have already been completely renovated. By next year, there should be a total of about 120. He described the type and scope of the renovation as expedient and ultimately geared to the needs in kronach. "It is not a matter of luxury renovations."

Groner explained in response to a question that this would not be the case in the outstanding properties either. "I can't charge ten euros rent here", he addressed the price per square meter of living space. In this case, vacancies were to be feared, which in turn was not in the economic interest of the company. That's why the rent is currently between five and 5.50 euros. Whether this amount will last in the long term? "That depends on inflation. Like any other business, we have to act accordingly," emphasized, argued groner. The rent in the previous KWG apartments was between 3.50 and 5.50 euros, depending on the condition of the building.

Combined heat and power plant
Interesting information was also provided by ZBI board member mark munzing. According to the agreement, the company is planning to build a combined heat and power plant in the estate to provide energy for 270 apartments in the estate. By the next heating period – i.E. Winter 2013 – the system should be in operation. Planning and coordination are currently underway. The kronach municipal utilities, which could possibly act as operators, also play a role here. "We will then decide on the basis of economic considerations." According to an agreement, however, the municipal utilities had the final say in the matter. From the city's point of view, the combined heat and power plant is also interesting because other areas of the development can be connected to it.

Companies from the district
Wolfgang Beiergroblein was pleased that the contract was awarded mainly to companies from the kronach district. Overall, the cooperation with ZBI is excellent. "We are in close contact." Intensive discussions were also held with the residents of the old apartments, so that their wishes regarding the new living space could be taken into account to a large extent. That's why the mayor had no doubts about the rightness of the sale of KWG: "it was a stroke of luck all round."

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