A bicycle path is to be built between ramsenthal and harsdorf

The concept for upgrading the water supply system in the municipality of harsdorf is in place – irrespective of the question of whether the water will continue to be supplied from the deep well shared with the neighboring municipality of bindlach or whether a connection to the bayreuth branch of the upper franconia long-distance water supply system will be realized.

Erich hahn of the engineering firm IBP from kulmbach spoke at the town council meeting on tuesday evening of estimated costs of just under one million euros – not including ancillary construction costs. The committee wants to initiate a grant application for the first construction phase, the elevated retaining wall in oberlaitsch.

The overall concept, which the hof water authority had also requested for the determination of the state subsidies, includes the elevated tank and the pumping station at the sports field (318920 euros) and at oberlaitsch (276 080 euros) as well as the elevated tank and the elevated pumping station at altenreuth (359 380 euros). The water demand was estimated at 10 710 euro. The new process control system costs 71 400 euro. Harsdorf municipality assumes a demand of 50 percent.

Talked to the people concerned today

For the upcoming extension of the state road 2183 mayor gunther hubner announced for today, thursday, a clarification meeting with the affected property owners. The contract was awarded to the company radlinger from cham.

The building committee had an extensive agenda to deal with at a previous meeting. The proposal to extend the foundations of the bauhof garage by one meter in order to be able to accommodate larger vehicles in the future met with approval from the municipal council.

Once again, the committee had to deal with the traffic situation on the cycle path at the end of the village of harsdorf in the direction of trebgast. Cyclists are increasingly using the adjacent sidewalk, to the annoyance of residents. Mayor gunther hubner suggested to install a kind of barrier there. Hermann hofmann asked to check whether the same effect could not be achieved with several barrier posts. First of all, an on-site meeting with the traffic authorities is to take place. The building committee was aware that the unreasonableness of many adult bicyclists is difficult to fight against.

Regarding the removal of surface water after heavy rainfall in this area, it was agreed with the state building department to install two additional trench sinks there.

Renovation necessary

Due to the change of tenant in the municipal economy "zur tanne" renovation work becomes necessary. For the equipment of the kitchen will cost 9483 euros. The renovation work in the bathroom is estimated at 8300 euros, the work is carried out by the company schwender from thurnau.

In the run-up to the extension of the state road 2183 from ramsenthal to harsdorf gunther hubner had a talk with the building authority. The asphalting of the public field and forest road was also discussed and the demand was clarified. The 1.2-kilometer-long path will cost around 50,000 euros to build. The community council was unanimous about the unique chance to get a bike path over a high demand.

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