A quarter of a century for the community

His 25. Friedrich herold was able to celebrate his anniversary of service with the municipality of altenkunstadt. On this occasion, a small celebration took place in the town hall, where the jubilarian was the center of attention.

It was certainly also a special day for friedrich herold, whom first mayor robert hummer welcomed with his wife silvia in the town hall hall, because he had resigned from office on 1 january 2007. June 1995 as an employee of the altenkunstadt municipality. As a trained vehicle mechanic, he was able to contribute his expertise in many ways, especially in the areas of vehicles and small municipal vehicles.

He has also always been concerned about safety at work and has attended the appropriate training courses. He also made himself readily available to his colleagues on the staff council, for many years even as chairman, and stood up for their concerns. In this sense, first mayor robert hummer thanked friedrich herold on behalf of the community and community council of altenkunstadt, presented him with a certificate and, above all, wished him continued enjoyment, also in his private life and in his associations, here in particular with the fire department and the 1. FC woffendorf and now above all mountain biking.

On behalf of the staff council, chairman andre leidner expressed the congratulations of all employees of the municipality of altenkunstadt to friedrich herold on his anniversary of service. Alexander schmidt, foreman of the building yard, joined in and wished for a good working relationship with friedrich herold in the coming years of his working life. He then thanked everyone for their congratulations and gifts, noting with humorous words that it was only on the occasion of his anniversary that he realized that he himself was certainly one of the "longest-serving employees" in the municipality of altenkunstadt may pay.

His final wish was that his future career would continue to progress well in the community and with all his colleagues. 

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