A sour aftertaste remains

On the same subject, we received the following letter: mr. Werther's questioned basic business dealings with mr. Ob must be completely clarified. Criminal prosecution will be carried out by the public prosecutor's office. Whatever the outcome, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth as to how it was handled.

As a mayor with many years of experience, mr. Schramm should have known that such deals are "with himself" always give rise to suspicions, especially since they have not been communicated publicly.

Mr. OB schramm has undoubtedly done a lot of good for kulmbach. But this is what his predecessors have done and what his successors will do as well. For that they were and are elected, after all. Even if the real estate transactions were formally conducted in a legally sound manner, both the stadtebau and the mayor acted in a politically and morally insensitive manner.

What can you learn from this: you can see this in the contemporaries trump, putin, johnson or erdogan. With the duration of the powers and the accumulation of offices, there is an increasing danger of overreaching oneself and losing the necessary sensitivity. In our special case, there is also the knowledge that in the current election campaign, one is supported by three parties, so that the control function of a strong opposition is de facto eliminated. This cannot be good for urban politics.

To accuse mr. Werther, who took his supervisory board duties seriously and brought the incident to the attention of the board, of election tactics is for me an attempt to damage his personal reputation.

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