Adelsdorf is remodeling the school

The meeting of the adelsdorf committee for associations, culture, social affairs and education (VKSB) took place on an unusual terrain on wednesday evening, as the committee met in the elementary and secondary school in adelsdorf. Primar to check out the new chairs and desks that were added to two classrooms at the start of the new school year. The goal was to create a more flexible classroom.

"The teaching continues to evolve", says principal christina noth "the demands on the children and the space are different than they used to be." The chairs are height-adjustable so that they can be adapted to the child’s height. In addition, they cannot be tipped, which helps to prevent accidents. The tables have the shape of a triangle with sides of different lengths and can be arranged individually if required. In order to keep the school bags from getting in the way, shelving systems have been purchased in which each child will have a compartment. "A clear added value for teaching through space gain is recognizable", says noth.

Refectory construction is necessary

Each set, consisting of table and chair, costs 200 euro, per cabinet another 200 to 300 euro, so that the total sum for the 66 sets amounts to approximately 30,000 euro. What mayor karsten fischkal the thing is worth, however. "If we are committed to being a family community, then we have to make sure that everything is right for our children."

The next rooms should follow soon. "It is planned to upgrade two or three classrooms every year, says heike zahnleiter, head of social services. "If the forecasts are correct, we will be "funfzugig" in three years, explains noth, which means that 20 classes then populate the elementary and middle schools. What then, however, for reasons of space, the construction of a canteen became necessary. "Four years ago, we were still thinking about which part of the school we were going to rub out because we didn’t have any schoolchildren", says fischkal "then came the music school and the construction area. I assume that we can’t avoid it because we need a cafeteria. We live in a boom region."

Open all-day school was also on the meeting agenda. Started with six groups in the 2017/18 school year, the need increased to nine groups one year later. For the current school year, 166 students are registered for the open all-day school, which is now divided into 13 groups, ten groups until 1 p.M. And another three until 4 p.M. Through additional offers such as vacation care, more schools are added.

In order to be able to reliably meet the requests for childcare, the registration of requirements is to be changed to an online procedure. "The plan is that from december 2019, parents can send their request for care through the portal to the municipality", explained heike zahnleiter. The information to the parents will be published in the official gazette. "This is a sensible story", according to fischkal "we are already seeing this with the food orders."

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