Alphorn blowers inspire in bad Kissingen

On saturday afternoon the whole city center was filled with music. Sonorous sounds echoed far and wide over the market square, and coming from all the streets several hundred passers-by had quickly gathered to listen to a square concert with alphorn blowers in front of the old town hall.

Another premiere and a much-appreciated highlight in the framework of the 60+ orchestra meeting. The alphorn ensemble "die badischen from the kraichgau and the alphorn blowers group schonbuchrand from tubingen, strengthened by some free blowers, enchanted the fubganger zone with rarely heard warm tones. A short joint rehearsal had been enough for the seniors to thrill the audience with lively, polyphonic tunes in a wonderful sound.

Bruno seitz from metzingen, music director of the baden wurttemberg brass band association and himself an enthusiastic alphorn blower, took the opportunity to conduct the ad hoc music corps with their magnificent seven-meter-long alphorns. There was so much applause from the audience that the senior musicians had to take a deep breath for an encore.

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