Another detour to aura

From the north, from the direction of wittershausen, aura can be reached via a newly built road. In the future, this should also be the case from south, in the direction of euerdorf. But for the time being, this connection has been cut off.

Traffic signs have been announcing it for several days: the route between euerdorf and aura will be closed from monday, 30 mn. July, fully blocked. The state road becomes a construction site. "We are glad that the route is being tackled", says mayor thomas hack (CSU/burger fur aura). For this reason, the closure for the duration of the vacations is gladly accepted.

Anyway, aura has been accessible from the direction of euerdorf only with a restriction for years: the slope section on the route has been closed on one side for safety reasons since the fall of 2012, and traffic is regulated by traffic lights. Because cracks keep appearing on the road surface. The cause is underground. The slope is unstable because of its geology. He moves.

The schweinfurt state building authority has dealt with the problem time and again in recent years. Among other things, control markers were placed to monitor the formation of cracks on the surface of the trench. In addition, drilling was carried out at several points along the route in order to examine the subsoil.

Those who want to get to aura will still be able to get there despite the road closure, even if they have to take a detour. But now, during the vacations, it becomes inconvenient especially for people from the area of the administrative community of euerdorf, who would like to visit the natural outdoor swimming pool in aura. Hack hints at possible dips in visitor numbers. But after that aura is to be reached optimally from all sides.

By now, the residents are already accustomed to impairments. In recent years, there have been several construction sites that blocked traffic: during the reconstruction of the saalebrucke, during the expansion of the local thoroughfare and during the work on the schrenk and the rerouting of the schrenkgraben, when aura was cut off from the direction of wittershausen.

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