Approval for the redesign of the cemetery

Diepretzfelder rate also met at the cemetery to get a picture of the second phase of construction there. Main topics were the design of the center of the new urn circle and the design of the new gates at the main and side entrance. In 2016, a cross-generational concept had been decided upon. The first phase of construction included the rehabilitation of the paths.

After the inspection, the council met in the gymnasium. First mayor steffen lipfert () briefly summarized that in the public meeting of the market town council in january 2020, the design of the gates and the urn circle had already been on the agenda: "they were each postponed with the indication that a working group 'cemetery redesign' is to be formed, which is to submit proposals to the market town council for a final decision." In the meantime, an appeal had been published in the bulletin, because citizens were to have a say in the design of the site. In addition to steffen lipfert and landscape architect jorg czerwonka, only five other people attended the meeting of the working group, which, however, could not meet until may due to corona's situation.

Sculpture from the partner community

A worked natural stone is to form the center of the new urn circle. A foundation is to be built for this. "The idea came up that a sculpture from the partner community bretzfeld could be erected as a sign of friendship", lipfert presented and reported that he had made contact with the local art society. Proposals are now being worked out there, which will then be presented to the market town council. As a motive for the entrances, the members of the working group suggested that at the main entrance on the right wing of the gate there should be a sun and on the left wing an alpha and an omega.

At the side entrance the fields are mirrored. The gate wings should be designed to rise towards the center, so that the shape of a roof is created. In addition, spikes should be avoided, with the exception of the goalposts. The council took note of the proposals and unanimously approved them. 

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