B173 near kups: a time of change of course

Mdl jurgen baumgartner (CSU) is satisfied with current developments concerning the expansion of federal highway 173 and the redesign of the kups through-route. "The kups market town council has settled on one idea", he states. He cannot go into more detail about the decision of the committee, as it was made in a closed session. But he sees in the current decision of the council members also a result of the recent conversation between the community representatives, state secretary gerhard eck (CSU), representatives of the authorities, member of the bundestag hans michelbach (CSU) and him.

"After the free state of bavaria made a 'draft planning', it was important for us delegates and the building authority to discuss the ideas with the kupsern", it underlines a solution "not against the people of kups" to want to implement. In his opinion, a sensible concept must meet two requirements: it must connect the district well to the long-distance rail network, but at the same time it must not create a needle's eye in kups.

That's what's behind the BN lawsuit
the mayor there, bernd rebhan (CSU), did not want to provide any further details when asked. "Now it has to be clarified whether there is funding for the concept from the federal ministry of finance.", he stated. The best idea is no use if it can never be built for lack of funding. He has written to secretary of state gerhard eck, who has already been very involved and has promised his continued support. The responsible member of the state parliament, jurgen baumgartner, who is very committed to this matter, was also informed and asked to support the solution. Rebhan wants to involve all those affected in good time if the federal ministry of transport gives the green light. "Only then can we enter into concrete planning."

In addition to the basic approval of a concrete idea by the kupser council, another groundbreaking decision for the project is about to be taken. "On 17. July the administrative court of munich decides", bernd rebhan addresses the complaints against the so-called lerchenhof route. The further four-lane expansion of the B 173 from kronach-neuses to just before kups and the continuation of the B 173 north of kups to the B 303 near schmolz depends on the decision of the administrative court. Another part of the overall B173 project that is still the subject of a lawsuit is the hochstadt bypass. Baumgartner assumes that this lawsuit will also be decided shortly after the lerchenhof ruling.

Four sticking points in kups

But what is the status of the expansion so far?? According to baumgartner, the bypasses of trieb and zettlitz are on the right track, as is the extension to the gates of oberlangenstadt. In kups, planning is currently focusing on four problem areas. Baumgartner lists proposed solutions for all four sections.

The first obstacle is at the northern entrance to the village at the height of the bratwurst stand. "We could start with a right-hand turn there far in advance", he explains. However, he is also open to other suggestions.

At the central intersection in the middle of the town, the deputy still has in mind a so-called "niederlandische brucke", which would take the federal highway under the county road. In his opinion, a traffic circle at the rewe intersection and a traffic circle or bridge solution at the ebneth junction could solve the other problem areas.

The delegate is also concerned about financing. "We are financed as far as the gates of oberlangenstadt," he says, he refers to a federal traffic route plan that "has a completely different quality than earlier federal traffic route plans". For the kups through road, there are still good discussions about what a solution could look like," explains the deputy. He also sees the federal government as being at least partly responsible for this area. "For 45 years, it has been a question of "loving an economic area", he explains this view. Millions and millions of euros have been lost by companies in the region because nothing has been done. But baumgartner is also convinced in this respect: "there will be a good solution!"

Breakthrough for the federal highway 173
this is also what the local member of the bundestag hans michelbach (CSU) is hoping for. He confirms that the federal government is in debt for the road construction in the region. According to his statement, they also wanted to comply with the invitation. "The federation wants!", he emphasizes that the projects in the priority category have been fully financed and that money is also being raised for other important measures – such as the kupser through road. For such cases, there are lump-sum funds and the municipal transport financing act (GVFG) to support the projects.

But at the moment there is a debt to be collected before the debt to be paid, says michelbach. The groundwork had to be laid so that the plans could be implemented. "The problem is that in some cases we do not have the right to build because we are being sued", explains the deputy. Elsewhere, there is much less friction, which is why the "B 173" project is so important even overtaken by projects that are not even classified as urgent. As an example, he mentions the expansion of the B 303 near oberelldorf near seblach.

"We see that the federal government – if there is a right to build – is going further with the money," he says, assures the delegate. "Because the federal government is fully behind the connection of the kronach economic area."

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