Bamberg’s new ferry took 3300 people across the river

In less than five weeks, 3,300 paying guests – the don bosco youth center did not expect such a successful start for the new ride. As if the people of bamberg had only been waiting to be able to cross the regnitz between lock 100 and leinritt (again) on the shortest route, more than 1000 people stormed the rides on the very first weekend after the start-up at the end of september.
With the sinking temperatures the zuspruch loved, but above all on schonwetter-days had the driving people until 31. October still had work to do.

Praise for the "day laborers

the operator's initial assessment after the end of the short inaugural season is correspondingly enthusiastic. His expectations have been exceeded in every respect, says emil hartmann, the general manager of the bamberg don bosco youth center.
He is enthusiastic about the response from the population, but also about the motivation of the young people, who can work on the road for days and earn money. The driving service is a voluntary offer to unemployed young people to earn a few euros on the hand. That the "day laborers, as hartmann calls them, 90 percent of them were there, even though their work was voluntary, is the best thing for him. After all, they are young people "who otherwise cannot be tied down to a job".

Christian salomon, head of the "payday" project the bamberger salesian don bos cos, is enthusiastic about the new location fahre. He reports that "the guys are having a lot of fun". Basically, two young men, norbert and stefan, spent the first four and a half weeks working as a team with volunteer drivers.

The project manager attributes the fact that everything went almost without a hitch right from the start largely to the relaxed tone "on board" back. The volunteers "accept the boys as they are and have enormous confidence in them". People are "simply on friendly terms with each other". That they are met without reservations are the "day laborers" apparently not used to.

Volunteers are eager to help

What salomon also didn't expect, as he says, is the great readiness for action of the volunteers. He has 26 in his file, and around 20 have already ridden the bus. The drivers were there in all weathers, regardless of whether there was a prospect of passengers or not, the project manager says with amazement.
He admits that he had imagined it would be more difficult to set up the schedule: "I never had to search roughly for drivers, someone could always be found quickly to cover gaps." As riders are so far five women and 21 men registered. Several of them are already retired. From salomon's wait are also "surprisingly many professionals and even two students" at.

"Saves the gym!"

If you ask volunteers why they work for two or three hours in wind and weather for god's reward on and near the water, they have two main motives: they had long wanted a link between muhlworth and leinritt again; some still remember the schelch, which ferried people over until the 1960s. And they praise the idea "behind" it the driving operation designed to help young people make the leap into working life.

For inge uchtdorf from bamberg, this special volunteer position was also an opportunity because she lives nearby. In addition, "one has movement in the fresh air and saves the muckibude".
The idea appealed to former air traffic controller peter gutsfeld right from the start, not least because he "has always" been a fan of the game water sportsman was.
Klaus rakette from walsdorf, on the other hand, emphasizes the encounters he experiences as a driver: "i need communication with strangers like a fish needs water." He has a "very good relationship to his "companion stefan built up and met old acquaintances he hadn't seen for years. The "work is relaxing and restful, and if he should ever get bored, he jogs a few meters up and down the shore with his dog balux, who is always with him: "in short – a round thing that may help others, but certainly helps me…".

Since 1. November, regular service has been suspended for the time being. Special trips on request could still be made in november, as long as drivers could be found, he said at the don bosco youth center.

The new season is scheduled to start again on 1. To start on april. The boat, which can hold a maximum of 15 people, may then be equipped with mobile sun and rain protection, announces emil hartmann. To facilitate the work of the drivers, the crank is to be replaced by a steering wheel.

The income from the ride operation remained exclusively in the project "payday". Annual costs of 70,000 euros for leaders and young people; the salesians do not receive any public subsidies for this. That is why hartmann is pursuing the goal of earning half of the amount in the future with the ride.

In time for all those who might still be looking for christmas presents, the don bosco youth organization wants to be able to offer season tickets for the rides. They are to cost 28 euros. If you own one, you can use it as long and as often as you like back and forth, promises emil hartmann. The annual cards should be ready by the beginning of december.

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