Birgit wagner and frank roth win the tc kups ribbon tournament

The chairman of the tc kups, frank roth, again welcomed a large number of players and spectators to what was officially the last internal tournament of the club. Under the sporting direction of martin geibler, 24 participants of all age groups competed in five rounds for the coveted ribbons. After each round, the pairings were redrawn and interesting and exciting encounters took place.

After more than five hours with often close results, no participant came away empty-handed, but there was also no one who could claim all five rounds for himself.

Five men win four times

In the women's tournament three participants won four times each and so the games had to be paid out to determine the winner. Birgit wagner was just ahead, followed by karin gagel and gisela reeb.

In the men's competition there were even five participants with four victories each and after the payout of the games tom hanel took the third and matthias witzgall the second place. The winner was the chairman frank roth.

The board of directors thanked all participants at the award ceremony, but especially the ladies 30 and the men I for the organization and for the organization of the cake and evening buffet.

Together with the sports director, who emphasized the fair play of all participants, he presented small prizes to the winners and runners-up. 

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