Building committee at odds with the town planner

There was no discussion in the weisendorf building committee about the new construction of a two-family house on the schlosswiese with three garages and one parking space. The applicant requested the following exemptions from the provisions of the zoning plan: minor exceeding of the building limits for the residential building with terrace roofing and garages with wood storage room, flat roof garage, color of roofing and exceeding the wall height and minor exceeding of the number of floor space. After the only neighbor on the property signed off on the plan, the building and environmental committee had no objections and gave its approval.

Also for the construction of a resettlement house with old part-apartment "am schlossweg there were no objections in oberlindach. The committee had already dealt with the application for a preliminary decision in october of last year, and the district office had also determined that the project was basically approvable.

The plot of land intended for residential development is shown in the land use plan as an agricultural flat and is located in the area where privileged projects are permitted. A number of building permits have already been issued on the site in the past through a company housing estate. The agricultural access is ensured via a public corridor from oberlindach to weisendorf. With the participation of the road construction office, it was stipulated in the building applications that the access to the farm buildings may only be made via this land consolidation path and not via the road to the county road. Since the property does not have a sewer connection due to its distance from weisendorf or the hamlet of oberlindach, an on-site septic system must be built. The surface water is brought to seepage in a coarse way.

Community needs sidewalk

The planned new construction of a residential building with six residential units on erlanger strabe led to a discussion and finally to an adjournment, since the market weisendorf plans a sidewalk and bicycle path on the north side of erlanger strabe and wanted to acquire the necessary square meters of the adjoining owners for it. However, the annexes to the planned residential building are to be built on the property line, thus making the acquisition of the flat area impossible. As the building application is at the edge of the redevelopment area "ortsmitte weisendorf" lies, the planning was also presented to the topos team. According to the city planners, the framework plan for the redevelopment of the old town does not stipulate any requirements for the site in question. However, the design of the planned new building does not comply with the design guidelines, which are only to be applied if design changes are made to the existing building and if the building is requested to receive funding from the municipal request program. The planning office criticized the arrangement of the parking spaces to erlanger strabe and the heavy sealing of the flat. Together with the unusual roof design of the main building, the planners felt that it would create an inappropriate image, which is why the office recommended that the project not be approved. However, the committee did not want to follow the planner’s recommendation, and after a lengthy discussion, the mayor and the administration were instructed to enter into negotiations with the applicant regarding the space required for the footpath and cycleway, and to put the building application back on the agenda at the next meeting.

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