Museum excavation: hofmann sees waste of tax money

The director of the museum barockscheune in volkach, margit hofmann, who also sits for the SPD in the kitzingen district council, reacts without understanding in a statement to the closure of the kitzingen town museum decided by the kitzingen town council. "How can it be that a city council ‘waves through’ such an important issue in a single meeting and makes such a far-reaching decision with a two-thirds majority in a hurry, without any rough discussion??", asks hofmann. It should be noted, however, that the kitzingen city council actually discussed the future of the museum in several meetings and decided six months ago that no more jobs would be budgeted for the museum – which virtually anticipated the closure that has now been decided on.

Hofmann points out in her letter that the historic building in the kitzinger landwehrstrabe was renovated in 2007 especially for the museum and furnished for the museum’s use. "The whole thing was financed with taxpayers’ money, public subsidies, and a considerable amount of receivables" – for a museum that had been in operation for just eleven years, from 2007 to 2018. She sees this as a waste of public money; the city of kitzingen is not a good example here.

golf summit: europe wants to dethrone us ryder cup team

The ryder cup gets noisy. Very loud. "Allez, allez, allez", the french battle cry, is written in huge letters on the blue transparent of the gigantic tribune on the first tee at le golf national near paris.

Early friday morning, here alone, over 7000 golf-mad fans will give the best pros from europe and the u.S. A deafening reception at the world’s biggest and most emotional golf event. Over the three days, the organizers expect more than 270 young people to take part.000 spectators at the golf course on the outskirts of the french capital.

In less than five weeks, 3,300 paying guests – the don bosco youth center did not expect such a successful start for the new ride. As if the people of bamberg had only been waiting to be able to cross the regnitz between lock 100 and leinritt (again) on the shortest route, more than 1000 people stormed the rides on the very first weekend after the start-up at the end of september.
With the sinking temperatures the zuspruch loved, but above all on schonwetter-days had the driving people until 31. October still had work to do.

Praise for the "day laborers

Mdl jurgen baumgartner (CSU) is satisfied with current developments concerning the expansion of federal highway 173 and the redesign of the kups through-route. "The kups market town council has settled on one idea", he states. He cannot go into more detail about the decision of the committee, as it was made in a closed session. But he sees in the current decision of the council members also a result of the recent conversation between the community representatives, state secretary gerhard eck (CSU), representatives of the authorities, member of the bundestag hans michelbach (CSU) and him.

"After the free state of bavaria made a 'draft planning', it was important for us delegates and the building authority to discuss the ideas with the kupsern", it underlines a solution "not against the people of kups" to want to implement. In his opinion, a sensible concept must meet two requirements: it must connect the district well to the long-distance rail network, but at the same time it must not create a needle's eye in kups.

Ezb staff feels overworked

Whenever a bank wobbles, a state is on the brink of collapse or the markets are in turmoil, the central bankers have to act – and as quickly as possible. Round-the-clock emergency, weekend included.

The ongoing crisis has drained staff, warns the international and european public services organization (IPSO) – and sends a cry for help across the euro area that is also a threat: "the ECB does not have enough staff to carry out its current tasks. Not to mention future tasks that are becoming increasingly important."A survey of 715 staff members indicates a serious potential risk to the ECB’s day-to-day operations.

After years of dispute over agriculture in germany, a government commission is to look for common ground.

At the kick-off meeting this monday with chancellor angela merkel (CDU), environmental and consumer advocates called for new overarching solutions that must also be affordable for farmers. Agriculture minister julia klockner (CDU) called for more environmental protection and animal welfare to be combined with economic efficiency. "Ecology alone, which does not pay off, will eventually lead to the abandonment of operations," she told the german press agency.

The "inn" special commission (soko) is conducting extensive investigations in the wake of the robbery-murder of a pensioner in bayreuth in april. The police are now looking for people who can provide information about men who identified themselves as "waterworks workers" and thus gained access to the living quarters or were turned away.
After an anonymous phone call on the evening of 12. In april 2017, police officers found an 88-year-old homeowner in his home on innstrabe in bayreuth, seriously injured and unresponsive. The following friday the man died in a hospital. Due to the overall circumstances, the officers quickly assumed a violent crime.
After intensive investigations by the "inn" task force in june 2017, a man suspected of the crime was arrested and, at the request of the bayreuth public prosecutor's office, charged with murder in connection with aggravated robbery.
For the officers of the soko it is of grosser interest, against which persons in the counties of bayreuth and kulmbach in the months of march and april, especially on 12. April, alleged "waterworks" have occurred.

Target group seniors

Offenders visit especially elderly people at home and claim that they have to read the water meter in the cellar or check the water pipe. Possibly they also pretend that due to construction work in the nearby water pipes were damaged and the effects in the house must be controlled.
The perpetrators' goal is always to be let in by the residents and then to steal valuables and money by skillful distraction.
Often the perpetrator confronts the resident alone and then allows his accomplice to enter the apartments unnoticed. Possibly, the "waterworks" used the same method as in the case before a dark audi A 3 with hamburger license plates.
Here is the description of the suspected man: about 30 to 40 years old, 180 centimeters to 185 centimeters tall and slim to strong, everyday clothes, possibly basecap on his head, no french dialect.
The kripobeamten ask: with whom in march or april a man or several manner rang and as "wasserwerker" have themselves issued? Who has noticed a dark audi A3 with hamburg license plates in the above period?? 

The dissident protests in iran escalate. At least ten demonstrators had died by monday, according to state television.

They died in protests in central, western and southwestern iran. Two other people – an old man and a small child – were killed in an accident during the protests in dorud, western iran. According to state television, armed protesters allegedly attacked state facilities in several cities. Attacks on police stations and military barracks, however, were thwarted by police and security forces, state television reported, without giving specific details.

The kronach water management office intends to erect a gauging station with a measuring channel at the steinweg bridge in wickendorf. At its meeting on monday, the teuschnitz city council gave the go-ahead for the project.

The bridge gauge is used to electronically measure the water level and flow velocity, also with a view to flood events for riparians. The site for the gauging station is granted to the water management office for a lease of 450 euros per year for an indefinite period of time. For the project, a small house will be built to the right of the bridge on the municipal strip of land, about 1.5 meters from the road.