A visit to the zeil wine festival had serious consequences for a woman from coburg: district court judge roland wiltschka sentenced the 64-year-old to a three-month driving ban and a fine of 45 days at three euros each for reckless endangerment of road traffic. The verdict is already legally binding.

Before the court in habfurt, the pensioner described the night of 4. August as the worst night of your life. Together with her handicapped companion, the coburg woman had driven to the zeiler wine festival in the mobile home. There she drank herself up to 22 o'clock after all 1.24 promille and then retreated with her husband in the camper back.

For the mayor of priesendorf, maria beck (CSU), the only thing that has been established so far is that nothing has been established. "First of all, we want to launch a public appeal to the citizens to participate in the project", says the head of the city council. Your community is one of three in the district – the other two are konigsfeld and rattelsdorf – that have been selected for the "healthy district" model project. And it's not supposed to be a series of forest walks, herbal mixtures and starvation cures prescribed from above, but something that people prescribe for themselves in terms of preventive care.

That is why there is no plan in priesendorf any more than in konigsfeld. Beck's colleague gisela hofmann (BBL) sees the matter similarly. "There is no structure yet, because it should come from the people themselves", she confirms the statement by maria beck. That is why "round tables" are held here as well as there formed for the regional health demand, just as naturally in rattelsdorf. Burgebrach and burgwindheim also applied, but were not considered because of their proximity to the steiger waldklinik health center.

Arndt second in the two-man bob at whistler

The 24-year-old pilot and his push driver martin putze were only beaten by local canadian hero lyndon rush. Swiss world cup skier beat hefti finished third.

Arndt was still in the lead after the first of two passes and was only 7/100 seconds behind the canadian at the end. Last year’s winner, manuel machata of SC potsdam, came in fifth with christian poser. Francesco friedrich from oberbarenburg finished eleventh with ronny listner at his whistler premiere.

Family drama in gunzenhausen in central franconia – accused father remains silent: after the family drama in gunzenhausen in central franconia with four deaths, the accused father does not admit to the crime. The 31-year-old made no statements during his questioning at the hospital on thursday, said senior public prosecutor michael schrotberger.

At the same time, the warrant of arrest for four counts of murder was issued to him. The ansbach district court had already issued this the day before. As soon as the man's health permits, he will be taken into custody, schrotberger said.

Scheblitz's holger dremel will run for mayor in the state election on 14. October to be CSU direct candidate for bamberg-land. That was clear in the late evening in hallstadt after an exciting delegates' meeting of the CSU, in which the 46-year-old prevailed against four other candidates, elke eberl (hirschaid), karl-heinz wagner (altendorf), alexander hummel (pettstadt) and thomas brandlein (zapfendorf).

Before the vote, each of the candidates was given a chance to promote themselves once again. Dremel prevailed in the runoff election with 65 delegate votes against hummel (44 votes). "I sincerely thank you for the trust and will represent you in the future in munich and in the region. Of course I'll accept the election", said the second mayor of scheblitz after the vote.

Chavez wants to run for president

He is seeking his third consecutive term in october. Former governor of miranda state, 39-year-old henrique capriles, runs for the opposition. The term of office lasts six years (2013-2019).

Chavez was celebrated by thousands of supporters in front of the electoral tribunal. In a speech lasting more than two hours, he announced a "knockout" victory over the opposition. He would fight and win, he promised. Doctors diagnosed chavez with cancer a year ago. In june 2011 and last february, tumors had been removed from him. He also underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy.