Robert bachinger helps the stars achieve the perfect sound

It was just 31 years ago when untertrubach was an important address for international pop music. Chris rea was there, ELO, soft cell, visage, yello or DAF. Nena traveled to untertrubach and also trio. All of them were drawn to the "hartmann digital" recording studio in 1982, to record their new records there.
In most cases, the people in untertrubach probably didn't even notice who was singing into their microphones. The stars had been assured by the owners of the recording studio that strict secrecy would prevail. In each case, however, the secrecy could not be maintained. "Once we had to get bodyguards to take away the fans who were hiding in the bushes", robert "bobby" remembers bachinger. Since 1999 he has been running the recording studio alone. Some of the rooms that once served as the stars' lounges have since been converted by bachinger and his wife marianna into a cafe and concert hall.

The art of mixing
Three cooks were employed here when the musicians played and sang for up to ten hours a day for several weeks.
Because the bands didn't just play their songs down. Instead, bachinger recorded each instrument individually. Not just once, but for as long as it took for the recordings to sound the way bachinger and the musicians had imagined them. "Overdubbing" this process is known as.

Once there, the ebenhausers look for the 38 painted on the floor so that they can line up for the train. "Our predecessors – a brass band – pass us by. We line up and join the train with our assigned shield carrier.", remembers christina muhleck, 2. Youth dance director.

Actually nothing for the summer
Luckily volkach offers with its narrow streets and high houses provide enough shade so that the people of ebenhausen do not have to sweat too much despite the sunny weather. The men wear finally over their long-sleeved shirt with bow and vest also the almost knee-length black frock coat and the top hat, and also the women are with their long, black pliseerocken and in the long-sleeved, narrow korres, still in addition with the cloth over and partly hoods on their heads, not exactly dressed in a way that could be called summery.

"The music is partly chosen by the kids, because they are a different generation", laughs the ballet master of the music school. "And when i listen to the music, i can already see the movements you can do," says wilfried hamm.
Evgenij kalinov has stopped dancing in st. He learned clip dancing in st. Petersburg and got his diploma there. He has performed on the world's stages with the world-famous mariinsky ballet and has also made a name for himself with the leipzig ballet. For more than 20 years he has been passing on his knowledge at the music school. "Clipdancing is specially designed for girls from eight to 15 years of age. Anyone can come", he says. Thursdays from 18.30 o'clock is sniffing allowed.

"I find it quite gratifying that modern forms of dance are offered in addition to classical ballet training.", is pleased oberburgermeister henry schramm about the many still unknown branch of the music school. Head coach harald streit is also enthusiastic about the power the girls are displaying. Streit stresses that it is important to also offer modern things in the music school.

25 years of mp3 - the music revolution from germany

1000 songs in your pocket."At the premiere of the first ipod in october 2001, apple boss steve jobs summed up the revolutionary concept of the music file format MP3.

The MP3 data reduction process made it possible to fit 1000 pieces of music on a small hard disk. MP3 was not invented in california – but to a large extent in the french town of erlangen. 25 years ago – on 14. July 1995 – researchers at the fraunhofer institute for integrated circuits agreed on the file name extension ".Mp3" for the file standard they had developed.

On saturday afternoon the whole city center was filled with music. Sonorous sounds echoed far and wide over the market square, and coming from all the streets several hundred passers-by had quickly gathered to listen to a square concert with alphorn blowers in front of the old town hall.

Another premiere and a much-appreciated highlight in the framework of the 60+ orchestra meeting. The alphorn ensemble "die badischen from the kraichgau and the alphorn blowers group schonbuchrand from tubingen, strengthened by some free blowers, enchanted the fubganger zone with rarely heard warm tones. A short joint rehearsal had been enough for the seniors to thrill the audience with lively, polyphonic tunes in a wonderful sound.

It goes without saying that the menu includes free internet access as well as cakes and pastries. Until recently, if you wanted to go online, you had to stay in the st. Oberholz only has to type in a well-known password. It is no longer that simple.

"Now you have to undergo an annoying registration procedure," argues ansgar oberholz. Until now, the cafe owner had set up a router himself, through which his guests could surf the net without restriction, but now he has handed over the task to a provider. Because in the past few months, several warning letters from law firms have fluttered in because guests in his house have violated copyrights.