"If there are better ones at the moment, then I will accept that, I understand that. But if I’m nominated because the national coach thinks I could help the DFB, then that’s always both an honor and an obligation for me," the 31-year-old juventus turin midfielder wrote on his social channels. Khedira also said: "and if it’s not enough for me, it would be even more incentive for me to keep working on myself. I owe it to my sport, to the DFB, to the people who have supported me and believe in me, and last but not least to myself."

Khedira has scored seven goals in 77 internationals. After their first-round exit from the world cup in russia, mesut ozil and mario gomez announced their resignation from the national team. On 6. September the DFB team starts the newly created national league in munich against world champion france, followed three days later by a test match against peru in sinsheim. The bid for these games will be announced low on 29. August known.

On saturday afternoon, the chairman of the afd parliamentary group, alexander gauland, spoke in stockheim at the "old colliery". While he was buried there with frenetic applause from around 170 supporters, there were whistling concerts and protests from around 300 demonstrators in the street. The police had to deal with numerous forces around the "old coal mine" position taken. But everything remained peaceful.

Demo against afd in weibenbrunn

Insights into the ebenhausen fire department

"We can rely on our fellow citizens. They come, even if it is not so already, and celebrate with us", says chairman manfred schubert, who has been organizing the festival perfectly for decades. "We need around 50 helpers to run the day in two shifts", he adds. The income was used to purchase a high-pressure air compressor, a folder and a fax machine. The festival visitors know their way around the fire department equipment. Rough guides and explanations were not necessary. Many a question from the guests was discussed in detail with the deputy commander, kai niedergesab. The current equipment includes, above all, a ten-year-old LF 8/6 fire engine with engine fire extinguisher, breathing apparatus and water tank, as chairman schubert explains. In addition, there is a transit bus, built in 1973, in which the volunteers travel to their assignments.

"Our equipment is adequate. But the ford transit has many years under its belt. We review further equipment such as boots, protective suits, helmets and gloves on an annual basis and clarify any additions in consultation with the mayor at the rough municipal level", supplemented schubert. This had been preserved and included long-term wishes and investments. This year, the municipality will also have the five windows in the crew quarters of the ebenhausen fire brigade replaced by the schuler company (ebenhausen). It costs 2500 euro.

Confusion over nationality of boxing world champion charr

After contradictory statements in the media, charr said on tuesday evening on the TV channel sky sports news HD: "i am german to 1000 percent. I didn’t get a chance to pick up my passport in the hustle and bustle. I have a german passport. This is available and in office."

Previously, the kolner "express" had interviewed charr. The 33-year-old boxer is quoted as saying: "my burglary proceedings are on hold because of possible criminal proceedings. This is being clarified by my lawyers, and then I hope to finally be allowed to pick up my passport. But in the end it’s just a piece of paper. What pays is that i feel german at heart."

Eugh: introduction of a boron tax is legal

According to the luxembourg judges, the eu treaties allow some of the 28 eu states – including germany – to go ahead with the common financial transaction tax first. The court rejected an action by the uk against a corresponding decision by the EU council of ministers in january 2013 (case C-209/13).

The judges do not comment on the specific implementation and content of the tax, but only on the question of whether the council’s decision was permissible. You consider the british complaint to be premature because it relates to the consequences of the tax, which has not yet been decided and whose effect is not yet foreseeable: "this question can therefore not be examined before the introduction of the financial transaction tax."Grobbritannien promptly announced that it would sue again at a later date.

Grunen candidate goring-eckardt wants to fight for civic center

On ARD’s "tagesthemen," the vice president of the bundestag said: "we don’t want to leave the civic center, if that’s what you want to call it, to anyone else."For next year’s federal elections, she set red-green as her goal. The greens had many points of contact and agreement with the SPD. When asked whether she would now also like to run for the greens’ party chairmanship, she replied in the negative.

Grunen faction leader renate kunast, who only came in third in the primary election with 38.6 percent of the vote, assured the two leading candidates of her backing. "The party decided with a high level of participation in the primary election on our lineup for the election campaign," she told the "tagesspiegel am sonntag" newspaper. Trittin and goring-eckardt now had the party’s strong vote in their backs, "and all of us together have the task of unseating merkel’s government in the election campaign."

Germany’s labor market remains stable despite numerous prophecies of doom, even in times of an economic downturn. The number of unemployed in germany fell by 30 in february compared with january.000 decreased to 2.396 million.

However, with the rate remaining at 5.3 percent, that is 23.000 more than a year ago, the federal employment agency announced in nurnberg on friday. 885.000 people had received unemployment benefits in february.

Charlotte Wittnebel-Schmitz growing old together, standing together in good times and bad, that's what every couple wants when they get married. Edgar (73) and luzia wolf (68) from machtilshausen celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on saturday. Wedding day.

Luzia hieb was born mutzel and was born in 1951 in machtilshausen. Edgar wolf is five years old and was born in wingst near cuxhaven in 1946.

He sits at the dining table and grins – sebastian niedermaier, 25, self-employed master gardener. On the one hand he grins, because he actually always likes to do so. On the other hand, because he has just told an anecdote: "many people have said: 'but you're an organic gardener, you have to go to the greens'. Others again: 'your godfather is csuler, you have to join the CSU'."

The young man landed somewhere else entirely: with the SPD. He is running in the city council elections in march on list position 9. Why? Because he has the most in common with the SPD, as he says. And he thinks: "I can do it in my own time."

From the north, from the direction of wittershausen, aura can be reached via a newly built road. In the future, this should also be the case from south, in the direction of euerdorf. But for the time being, this connection has been cut off.

Traffic signs have been announcing it for several days: the route between euerdorf and aura will be closed from monday, 30 mn. July, fully blocked. The state road becomes a construction site. "We are glad that the route is being tackled", says mayor thomas hack (CSU/burger fur aura). For this reason, the closure for the duration of the vacations is gladly accepted.