Miley cyrus (26) has released the first single since her split from husband liam hemsworth (29). On thursday (local time) the sanger put the video of "slide away" on youtube and afterwards on instagram.

The celebrity couple recently split after less than a year of marriage, as announced by the management of the singer and actress. Allusions to the breakup can be interpreted into the lyrics to the new song: for example, "at a time when it was like paradise," he says. And further: "one day I woke up and everything had turned to dust."

This time solo: werner schmidbauer comes on the 13th. october to coburg

The songwriter werner schmidbauer comes on friday, 13. October, with his first solo program to coburg. The concert takes place from 20.30 o’clock in the black baren instead.
For more than 20 years werner schmidbauer formed a duo with martin kalberer, at times a trio with pipo pollina and martin kalberer, playing to sold-out houses and the packed arena di verona. Now he returns to his roots as a songwriter with his first solo program.
Reduced to one voice and one guitar, old and new songs take on a whole new depth when werner schmidbauer’s musical treasure chest is opened up. Closest he has ever been to his audience than in this program.
"After 35 years of making songs and after 22 years in a duo with martin kalberer, it is now a great and urgent need for me to stand alone on stage with my songs. I just wanted to let the songs sound pure, i.E. Only with guitar and voice, to stand on stage as a singer with my guitar and experience the intimitacy and essence of my songs together with the audience, unprotected by other sounds and arrangements" says the 56-year-old who has been "live from alabama" for many years hosted and has hosted the tv show "gipfeltreffen" since 2003 as a spokesman prominent fellow hiker accompanied. The rest and the experiences on the long journeys in his "free year" had brought him back to himself, schmidbauer says. "With themselves." Arrived, he now also wants to be much closer to my audience again. Schmidbauer: "we will listen together, groove, laugh, cry and enjoy the moments in the south of our hearts."
Tickets are available from the usual ticket agencies.

Regarding the designation of the "schirnaider strabe" building area in eggolsheim: an integrated urban development concept (isek) was drawn up for eggolsheim in a very extensive process. I, as a citizen representative, played an active role in this and in the end made the release of the isek possible in the first place with my signature.

But if the municipality is now acting past the guidelines, this is apparently possible without any problems. This isek, which cost several 100,000 euros, is apparently no longer binding for the mayor and the town council. I am concerned about this procedure.

report: intel faces competition from qualcomm

At this year’s consumer electronics show in las vegas, qualcomm boss paul jacobs will for the first time present notebook pcs that run on his company’s chips, reports the financial news agency bloomberg. At the same time, intel, traditionally the market leader in PC chips, is currently making inroads into qualcomm’s traditional market: also at CES, intel CEO paul otellini plans to present the first smartphones with intel’s new chips.

For years, the world’s largest chip manufacturer, intel, has been trying to conquer the growing market for smartphones and small, mobile internet devices with its processors. According to estimates by the american linley group, the business with devices such as tablets and smartphones and the corresponding chips will grow by 40 percent to 29.9 billion dollars in sales by 2015. To date, apple is the market leader for tablet computers with its ipad – and uses chips based on the technology of the british chip designer ARM.

With the takeover of the kronacher wohnungsbaugesellschaft (KWG) and its properties on 1. March of this year, the zentral boden immobilien gruppe (ZBI) had pledged, among other things, to invest seven million euros by 2015.

As peter groner, chairman of the board of directors, explained, 700 people have already joined since march.000 euros have been spent. In addition, further measures with a volume of 1.5 million euros are being implemented. Further negotiations and tenders are currently underway for work worth around three million euros. No wonder, then, that mayor wolfgang beiergroblein () is fully satisfied with the development and feels vindicated in the decision to have bewitched the kronach housing association. "This was a real iron. And i am pleased to say that it was well forged."

Lufthansa sees plenty of turbulence ahead - share price collapses

A sharp drop in profits and gloomy forecasts for the coming months have sent deutsche lufthansa AG shares into a tailspin.

According to its own statements, the dax group is suffering from the rise in kerosene prices and the continuing strong competitive pressure in europe. Competition among airlines for passengers remains aggressive, particularly in germany and austria, the DAX-listed group announced in frankfurt on tuesday. This will hardly change until at least the end of 2019.

"I wish I could grow wings", once wrote joseph victor von scheffel, the creator of the frankenlied. He described the everlasting dream of man to be able to fly like a bird.

An adventure playground

At the highest point of the rehberg, the platte, there was a launching site for gliders in the 1930s. Today everything is wooded, nothing reminds of the former adventure playground of the kulmbach youth.

The new year is to open a new chapter in the history of the youth center (juz) in untererthal. The problems that have been going on for many years are finally to come to an end. The new team is working hard to do just that.

The young people had barely taken over the premises in mid-december when they started work. In the past few days of vacation and vacations, the ten-strong team has stepped up its efforts even further. The young people from the village were busy with the renovation every day, mostly until the evening hours.

The concept for upgrading the water supply system in the municipality of harsdorf is in place – irrespective of the question of whether the water will continue to be supplied from the deep well shared with the neighboring municipality of bindlach or whether a connection to the bayreuth branch of the upper franconia long-distance water supply system will be realized.

Erich hahn of the engineering firm IBP from kulmbach spoke at the town council meeting on tuesday evening of estimated costs of just under one million euros – not including ancillary construction costs. The committee wants to initiate a grant application for the first construction phase, the elevated retaining wall in oberlaitsch.

On the same subject, we received the following letter: mr. Werther's questioned basic business dealings with mr. Ob must be completely clarified. Criminal prosecution will be carried out by the public prosecutor's office. Whatever the outcome, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth as to how it was handled.

As a mayor with many years of experience, mr. Schramm should have known that such deals are "with himself" always give rise to suspicions, especially since they have not been communicated publicly.