Fewer corporate insolvencies in the first quarter

In the first three months of 2020, fewer companies went bankrupt in germany than in the previous year, despite the initial effects of the corona crisis.

4683 cases reported by local courts according to the federal statistical office. That was 3.7 percent fewer than in the first quarter of 2019, according to the wiesbaden-based authority.

The parents of reutersbrunn had specific ideas about how the playground at stolzenrangen should be redesigned. Local spokesman andreas leibold picked up on this and got in touch with the city. A small celebration was held on thursday afternoon to inaugurate the successful result.

Local speaker leibold praised the parents for their initiative, the responsible persons at the city of ebern and in particular the employees of the building yard ebern around their leader christian raehse. "The employees of the building yard have lent a hand, so that the project could be implemented relatively quickly", leibold was pleased. He explained that the sandbox has been relocated and redesigned, a nest swing has been installed and teeter-totters have been replaced. The center of the playground is now a climbing trunk on which children can practice their climbing and balancing skills. The children of the village, including twelve between one and five years old, have taken to the playground very well. On weekends, even parents from the surrounding area came here with their children, he said. Christian raehse explained that the playground is very "natural" designed to make a particularly good impression.

Coburg aims to profit from the success of the munich-berlin ice route. Signatures were therefore collected. Now the VCD announces the result in a press release. "Our petition for more ICE stops in coburg was a resounding success. On 18.09.In 2018, we were able to hand over almost 4,000 signatures, of which 300 were handwritten and 3,700 via the campact internet platform, to the bavarian railroad company representative, mr. Josel.", gerd weibelzahl from the coburg district group of the ecological transport club VCD is pleased with the positive outcome of the campaign, which was carried out from mid-july to mid-september.

Important for weibelzahl are the comments that the burgers were able to leave, especially on the internet platform. There it becomes clear that the citizens are happy about the new ICE connection and now want to participate in the success of the connection. Therefore, more stops are clearly required in order to be able to profit from the route. This demand is also supported by the coburg economy in the form of a resolution of the coburg chamber of commerce and industry.

Nuclear dispute: north korea threatens its enemies

The country has "no other choice but to completely review the nuclear dispute," a statement from the ministry of agriculture in pjongjang published by the state media said on friday. At the same time, a spokesman accused the governments in sud korea and the united states of inciting refugees returning to north korea to destroy statues of former head of state kim il sung. The accusation was firmly rejected by seoul.

According to observers, north korea wanted to send a warning signal with the embassy. The regime’s real intention is to put pressure on the u.S. To get washington to resume dialogue with pjongjang, the sudkorean news agency yonhap quoted a government official in seoul as saying. In sud korea, there are still fears that north korea could carry out a third nuclear test.

Kirchlauter- the habberg villages of kirchlauter, neubrunn and pettstadt offer circular and cycle paths in a charming, varied and gently rolling landscape. The heilig-lander-gemeinde kirchlauter wants to offer its guests this enjoyment of nature, too, and to this end it will open its doors to the public on sunday, 12. May, the new "enjoyment experience trail through the villages with a festival.

The event kicks off with a church service at 10 a.M. In the area of the meadow orchard and the educational bee stand in kirchlauter; at 11 a.M. The hunting horn blowers will perform. Guided tours on the subject of scattered fruit are at 1 and 3 p.M. At the educational bee stand there is an hourly queen bee search.

In the next few weeks, hollywood will once again be hosting numerous award ceremonies: on 7. The golden globes will be awarded in january, before the oscar nominations are announced at the end of the month for the awards in early march.

The first favorites for the most important film prizes have already emerged – an overview of the works that are sure to play a major role in the many awards:

Rentweinsdorf is upside down at the weekend

For a good three weeks now, the sechserrate and their hard-working helpers have been busy transforming the rentweinsdorf market hall into a carnival arena. Now the preparations are as good as finished.

The hand-painted, still top-secret stage design – again sketched by frederik schorn – is ready, the new music system is installed and the spotlights are aligned. The rentweinsdorfer are ready for their two carnival meetings on friday, 15., and saturday, 16. February, from 7 p.M. In the rentweinsdorf market hall.

"Architecture beats act": this was the conclusion of the competition for the picture of the month of the michelau photo friends. After helmut kober asked for more variety in the picture of the month, herbert steiner and klaus gagel surprised the jurors once with nudes. The hope for front places was only partly fulfilled. In the end, photos of buildings once again claimed the top spots.

Herbert steiner was delighted with his winning picture, which he took in the kohary crypt in coburg. The panorama, which was composed of two shots, impressed with its symmetry and atmospheric lighting.

On wednesday, the munich regional court overturned the bavarian rent control law in its original form. The rent cap ordinance passed by the state government in the summer of 2015 was not sufficiently comprehensible, a judge ruled.

If – as in munich – the rent brake applies, the prices for re-rentals may be a maximum of ten percent above the local comparative rent. Two tenants from the city center of munich had therefore tried to sue their landlady for information about the rent of their premises.