Arthur stollberger marchenerzahler heidi andriessens visited schlossberg elementary school. She was able to transport the children of the first and second elementary school grades into a completely different world in a confident manner and interesting historical outfit.

Heidi andriessens knows elementary schools and their students inside out. She herself was a teacher in the former elementary school for 41 years and knew how to captivate the schoolchildren with the imaginary world of the fairytale on the one hand and how to ensure discipline at all times on the other.

The new building for the fire department in creidlitz will be more expensive than estimated. Thorsten huld of the city’s building department admitted on wednesday in the meeting of the building and environment senate that the first estimates had been a bit too optimistic on the one hand, and on the other hand that the first calculations had been too high. Now the construction on the creidlitzer strabe on the right side at the end of the town in the direction of ketschendorf is estimated at 2.02 million euros, 320000 euros more than initially estimated.

Thorsten huld explained the increase in costs as a result of the general increase in construction prices of five percent last year, a fire alarm system (30,000 euros) and the photovoltaic system required by the energy saving ordinance (enev) (23,500 euros). However, the major part of the additional cost is due to the securing of the construction pit, the earthworks with disposal of excavated earth (126,500 euros) and the resulting higher fees (53,000 euros).

It experienced its best times in the years 1882 to 1988, when regular passenger and freight trains ran on its back between maroldsweisach and breitengubbach. At the end of the 1980s, the railroad traffic to maroldsweisach came to an end; and since a railroad stop on georg-nadler-strabe made the railroad station 500 meters to the north superfluous nine years ago, the railroad embankment had lost its function.

Today it is only a relic of a bygone century, about five meters high and 350 meters long. A piece of the town's history, but a stubborn wall that separates the old town area to the east from the school and residential area that was built much later. At most, it served as a noise barrier for holidaymakers in need of peace and quiet at the mobile home site, when children were yelling on the other side during school breaks. For this reason, the gravel embankment stands in the way of expansion plans for the secondary school and the elementary school playground, and in the view of architect martin ammermann of the bamberger buro ammermann und dohler, it is nothing more than a disturbing barrier in the cityscape.

Love that endures - even in death

And when the time comes and georges, who has just talked anne to sleep with an old children’s story, holds his wife tightly against him in a last final act of love – you feel for him, you experience one of the great moments in cinema history.

The award-winning film "love" has something to do with eroticism for the elderly by michael haneke but absolutely nothing to do. Well with a deep, tender love of an old couple, which is preserved in the most serious illness and in death. The film addresses the despair that can arise from the excessive demands of caring for a loved one, the high physical and psychological commitment of all those involved, and the shame felt by those in need because of their frailty. The bamberger hospizverein makes it possible to endure this film in a way that formally the last steps of georges and anne can be followed. Under the motto "life paths – I’ll walk with you a little way…" On the occasion of world hospice day (12. October) for this cinema evening on wednesday, 16. October, a – with a subsequent round of talks.

During the erection of a trust at the bauhof barn in gnotzheim, it was discovered that the lateral half-timbered wall was shaking. That's why the municipal council meeting on monday evening began at short notice with an on-site meeting.

Actually, the plan for the installation of a workshop was to be voted on. About a third of the barn is to be partitioned off so that the building yard has a heatable room in which to work in winter. However, an initial review of the plans revealed that further fire protection measures will probably be necessary, especially towards the neighboring barn. Mayor rainer ott first wants to discuss this with the district administration office. We will wait for these results before considering an alternative location for the workshop.

The town hall in steinberg will be renovated this year to make it more energy efficient. In its first meeting after the summer break, the municipal council voted in favor of the "new building" the installation of walkable insulation in the attic and the replacement of the existing dam material in the old building. The work is carried out by the company wachter from wilhelmsthal at a price of 21795 euro.
The renovation of the school gymnasium is scheduled to begin in april of next year. At the beginning of the school year in 2019, the acceptance procedure should be completed with total costs of 2,678,000 euros, of which the community's own contribution amounts to 907,000 euros, said architect kersten schottner. He gave the council a status report on the changes that had been made in the past three months. He said that there had been no major deviations from the final plan. He also went into detail about the individual areas of demand.
The space planned for the storage of wood pellets has become available and can be used as a storage room. Everything has been done to achieve the best possible claim, said the planner. Mayor susanne grebner (SPD) was also satisfied with the decision. All in all, about 85 percent of the demand will be received, so everyone pulled together, she said.
In addition, the acquisition of an e-mail server and the introduction of an honorary award dominated the meeting. Two topics that were hotly debated, but each ended with a unanimous resolution. Some council members were surprised that there was only one offer for a purchase of almost 16,000 euros. Others criticized the late action of the administration, because the EDP was about to "collapse" stands. Jochen gleich (CSU) replied that an up-to-date system was in place, which was also at a reasonable level. With the increasing life span however the risk of failure rises, so that one must invest nevertheless again and again. "There must be no wild hardware landscape", he said. The individual components had to be coordinated with each other. After franz buttner (SPD) gave in, it was decided to commission techno-plan with the delivery and installation of the exchange server. "There was nothing to be done with the table presentation, now the situation has been clarified", said buttner.

Maximum of three medal winners

There was also a lengthy discussion on the introduction of an honorary award. Contrary to the recommendation of the local development committee, a maximum of three people per year will now be awarded the honorary medal of the municipality. This is intended to honor the honorary commitment of citizens (also outside of club work). The first award is to be made at the christmas meeting. Until then, everyone can submit proposals together with their reasons.
The community development committee then submitted a proposal to the community council. Local councillor heinrich fortsch (CSU) would also have liked to see a "surcharge" for the renovation of the town hall a single citizen had been selected from each part of the village. A corresponding statute was passed, as well as the acquisition of 30 bronze silver-plated medals. Petra ohring (CSU) criticized the desolate condition of the path from the "frack to the cemetery" and asked to have it repaired by the building yard. Heinrich fortsch was surprised that the community development concept was not on the agenda. The mayor said that the kick-off event would be postponed by one month.
Councillor Jurgen Hempfling (CSU) drew attention to the bridge in gifting. Parts have been ordered, and once they arrive, the acceptance process will be completed immediately.

The meeting of the adelsdorf committee for associations, culture, social affairs and education (VKSB) took place on an unusual terrain on wednesday evening, as the committee met in the elementary and secondary school in adelsdorf. Primar to check out the new chairs and desks that were added to two classrooms at the start of the new school year. The goal was to create a more flexible classroom.

"The teaching continues to evolve", says principal christina noth "the demands on the children and the space are different than they used to be." The chairs are height-adjustable so that they can be adapted to the child’s height. In addition, they cannot be tipped, which helps to prevent accidents. The tables have the shape of a triangle with sides of different lengths and can be arranged individually if required. In order to keep the school bags from getting in the way, shelving systems have been purchased in which each child will have a compartment. "A clear added value for teaching through space gain is recognizable", says noth.

Behind the name is nothing other than the redesign of the hemmerlein area.

The new developer, BPD (bouwfonds property development), one of europe’s largest property developers, presented itself to the building committee. Above all, the representatives of the company have sent a clear signal: they will stick to the specified building plan. 87 condominiums and 63 single-family homes will be built on the 30,000-square-meter site of the former concrete plant.

Something is being built? Or maybe there is a deep hole in the asphalt? Some motorists have been wondering for some time why there are six warning beacons in the middle of the roadway on margaretendem between the old indoor swimming pool and the headquarters of bamberg's municipal utility company. A closer look reveals that the pavement is not broken, but it doesn't look like construction work either.

Nevertheless, the keyword is "construction work" the right thing to do when searching for the reason for a beacon meeting. Jan giersberg, press spokesman at the stadtwerke (STWB), clarifies: "this is related to the reconstruction of the siechenkreuzung in the immediate vicinity."

Two fire engines and the accompanying emergency bus (22 emergency personnel), a police patrol (two officers) and an ambulance (two paramedics) rushed to the secondary school in hochstadt on wednesday. And twice in one day. Both times it hit: false alarm.

In the morning, around 9.45 o’clock, a smoke detector went off in a stairwell. And then in the afternoon, around 2.30 o’clock, a detector went off in the school kitchen. Linked with the integrated control center, the alarm chain then goes off. In 95 to 98 percent of the cases, when a fire alarm system goes off, it is a false alarm. "We have to live with the fact that this happens from time to time, says benjamin obexer, commander of the hochstadt fire department.