Especially at the beginning of the pandemic-related restrictions and requirements, it was important for craftsmen to have a contact person on the spot. Danny dobmeier, who has been employed by the chamber of handicrafts for three years as the head of the office for lichtenfels and coburg, was able to mediate and give tips on emergency aid or hygiene concepts. "There was massive demand." The state trade associations had done a good job there, stressed dobmeier. But the kreishandwerkerschaft is at the center of the exchange of experience. For the first time, technical options, such as electronic voting, were used because meetings were not possible. The contact point in the mainau has significance. And no one here wanted to argue about the continuation of such a contact point either. Although changes are in the offing.

The 1980s building belongs to the chamber, which has already decided to abandon the apprentice workshops behind it.

This time, the participants in the vacation program had a digital camera in their packs. The children, aged between eight and 15, were in for a very exciting and educational afternoon with adrian price and willi partsch from the ebern creative photography group. The club organized the short course as part of the ebern vacation program, which is organized by the cultural ring and the city of ebern. Under the motto "ebern through the lens of a camera" adrian price the children not only rediscovered their camera and its functions, but also took a closer look at ebern.

But before they started taking pictures, adrian price explained to them how to take great photos and showed them some test photos. After all, the goal of the photo-creative circle is to teach the children that it doesn't matter who takes the most photos the fastest. It's better to focus on the subject and the camera setting to take great photos, he says. "Cameras are not just cameras, you can do much more with them", laughs adrian price. The children were taught how to use a camera in a playful way during this afternoon.

Government warns of overreaction after Bonn bomb scare

There are no indications of a particular terrorist threat, for example at christmas markets, the interior ministry stressed in berlin on thursday. The two suspects from bonn’s main train station had still not been caught three days after the bomb scare. Investigators assume an attempted attack – but they do not yet know whether terrorists were behind it.

The chairman of the bundestag interior committee, wolfgang bosbach (CDU), certainly suspects a terrorist background. He therefore cannot understand why the federal prosecutor’s office has not yet taken over the investigation. Bosbach referred to the danger of the explosive device on the television station N24 and asked: "what other motive could there have been than to terrify the country with a terrorist attack??"