Chavez wants to run for president

Chavez wants to run for president

He is seeking his third consecutive term in october. Former governor of miranda state, 39-year-old henrique capriles, runs for the opposition. The term of office lasts six years (2013-2019).

Chavez was celebrated by thousands of supporters in front of the electoral tribunal. In a speech lasting more than two hours, he announced a "knockout" victory over the opposition. He would fight and win, he promised. Doctors diagnosed chavez with cancer a year ago. In june 2011 and last february, tumors had been removed from him. He also underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The left-wing populist politician has been repeatedly treated in cuba, sometimes for several weeks. On monday, he was in high spirits and sang several songs to the applause of his supporters. In recent weeks, there has been speculation as to whether chavez, who has been in office since 1999, will actually register as a candidate in the october election due to his health condition.

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