Confusion over nationality of boxing world champion charr

Confusion over nationality of boxing world champion charr

After contradictory statements in the media, charr said on tuesday evening on the TV channel sky sports news HD: "i am german to 1000 percent. I didn’t get a chance to pick up my passport in the hustle and bustle. I have a german passport. This is available and in office."

Previously, the kolner "express" had interviewed charr. The 33-year-old boxer is quoted as saying: "my burglary proceedings are on hold because of possible criminal proceedings. This is being clarified by my lawyers, and then I hope to finally be allowed to pick up my passport. But in the end it’s just a piece of paper. What pays is that i feel german at heart."

There were no procedures that could prevent the issue of his passport, said charr later on sky. He will now take a vacation, "then I’ll go to the office and get my passport". He is an athlete who wears the german flag with pride. "Germany has a new world champion. There is no doubt."As proof charr held his german driving license, bank and ADAC card into the camera.

In the guesswork over the staatsburgerschaft he assured the "bild"-zeitung (tuesday): "yes, i swore it! I am german since one and a half year." He had made identical statements in various interviews before the fight last saturday. Charr, who was born in lebanon and cursed to germany with his family as a child, told the german press agency: "i have only one passport, and that is the german passport."

Charr had won the world championship belt of the federation WBA against the russian alexander ustinov unanimously. The success was celebrated as the first german world heavyweight title in 85 years. Last title winner was max schmeling from 1930 to 1932. Afterwards, charr emphasized: "i dedicate this title to germany." In the "bild" newspaper, he said he was dedicating the title to chancellor angela merkel, "because germany is my homeland".

As can be seen in the video portal youtube, he said in an interview turkish journalists: "i liked the turkish people and the president (erdogan – d.A.) dedicate this belt." This is an acknowledgement for the reception of syrian refugees.

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