Contact point for craftsmen will remain

Especially at the beginning of the pandemic-related restrictions and requirements, it was important for craftsmen to have a contact person on the spot. Danny dobmeier, who has been employed by the chamber of handicrafts for three years as the head of the office for lichtenfels and coburg, was able to mediate and give tips on emergency aid or hygiene concepts. "There was massive demand." The state trade associations had done a good job there, stressed dobmeier. But the kreishandwerkerschaft is at the center of the exchange of experience. For the first time, technical options, such as electronic voting, were used because meetings were not possible. The contact point in the mainau has significance. And no one here wanted to argue about the continuation of such a contact point either. Although changes are in the offing.

The 1980s building belongs to the chamber, which has already decided to abandon the apprentice workshops behind it.

On 12. In september, there will be a meeting with the district craftsmen from coburg, bayreuth, kulmbach and lichtenfels to discuss how they envisage future cooperation. According to dobmeier, the idea is to operate only one office for these four regions in the future. However, he assures: "local prasenzburos will continue to exist, no matter what happens."

One possibility had already been mentioned by district master craftsman mathias sollner last year: perhaps it would be possible to move into an office in the future FADZ (research and application center for digital future technologies). That would be just down the road from the current location. However, it will still be a few years before this happens. But the changes that the chamber’s managers have in mind will also take several years, as its managing director bernd sauer let it be known last fall. New educational centers to be built in bamberg, bayreuth and hof.

But danny dobmeier has not yet written off the lichtenfels training workshops. They were actually needed for examinations and courses, he says. In the end it was the price that mattered. There’s "still a lot of subjunctive", when talking about the lichtenfels site, he emphasizes. What is clear for him: visually things should change for the better, because the premises no longer represent a contemporary appearance of the trade. Even and especially when young people come in here, they should have a different first impression, the leader thinks. He hopes that the merger of the two offices will lead to a pooling of responsibilities, which will enable us to do more for the trades.

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