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For the mayor of priesendorf, maria beck (CSU), the only thing that has been established so far is that nothing has been established. "First of all, we want to launch a public appeal to the citizens to participate in the project", says the head of the city council. Your community is one of three in the district – the other two are konigsfeld and rattelsdorf – that have been selected for the "healthy district" model project. And it's not supposed to be a series of forest walks, herbal mixtures and starvation cures prescribed from above, but something that people prescribe for themselves in terms of preventive care.

That is why there is no plan in priesendorf any more than in konigsfeld. Beck's colleague gisela hofmann (BBL) sees the matter similarly. "There is no structure yet, because it should come from the people themselves", she confirms the statement by maria beck. That is why "round tables" are held here as well as there formed for the regional health demand, just as naturally in rattelsdorf. Burgebrach and burgwindheim also applied, but were not considered because of their proximity to the steiger waldklinik health center.

"Round tables planned
Health networks are to be formed at the municipal level so that health requirements and prevention can be implemented in accordance with local needs. It is already very exciting to see what the results of the "round tables" will be will result in.

The initiative for this came from the bavarian state ministry for the environment and health. Bamberg secretary of state melanie huml (CSU) emphasizes that prevention and the demand for health are important to her. "That's why I want to see the establishment of local health care networks that respond to the needs of local people." Health and its preservation were tasks that had to be tackled with the cooperation of all parties involved.

The aim of the model project is to build up a network of healthy communities in bavaria. Regional and municipal actors from the areas relevant to the health requirement should be better connected with each other. The communities in the district will be involved in the "health demand in the community" project so that good practice models can be jointly developed and tested.

In this way, the governmental districts are setting up offices for health promotion and prevention. Regional health days or health weeks are planned in the various living environments of the communities, such as kindergartens, schools and companies. Eight health departments from six counties are participating in the project. The project partner is the bavarian state association of technical health insurance funds, which provides funding for specific projects in the respective communities.

Project is called for
80 percent of the costs will be borne by the ministry. This will pay, for example, for a part-time specialist in the health department of the district office (formerly the health office), who will support and moderate the three communities in the project. In bamberg, this is alexandra stapf, who is to act as a link between the municipalities and the members of the steering group as well as the organizations demanding health.

The steering group, in turn, is formed at the community level from representatives of important community institutions (associations), health care providers, and representatives of the population and politics.
The fact that the model project is being implemented in the district at all is due to the fact that the city and district have been designated as a "health region" since mid-2012 certified. Because only one such project is required in each bavarian administrative district, the government of upper franconia approached the district. Topics can include nutrition, exercise, mental health, occupational health, addictive behaviors and mobilizing health services in a community, says district office spokeswoman stephanie schuhmann.
Data will first be collected via a survey and then an action plan will be developed. The financial contribution of the municipalities is 1000 euros per year each.

The district administration sees the project as an opportunity to further shape demographic change and to fill the bamberg health region with life through this real-life component. Because the results will not be restricted to the three municipalities. The other towns and communities can also profit from it.

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