Ebern’s mayor dredges up railroad embankment

It experienced its best times in the years 1882 to 1988, when regular passenger and freight trains ran on its back between maroldsweisach and breitengubbach. At the end of the 1980s, the railroad traffic to maroldsweisach came to an end; and since a railroad stop on georg-nadler-strabe made the railroad station 500 meters to the north superfluous nine years ago, the railroad embankment had lost its function.

Today it is only a relic of a bygone century, about five meters high and 350 meters long. A piece of the town's history, but a stubborn wall that separates the old town area to the east from the school and residential area that was built much later. At most, it served as a noise barrier for holidaymakers in need of peace and quiet at the mobile home site, when children were yelling on the other side during school breaks. For this reason, the gravel embankment stands in the way of expansion plans for the secondary school and the elementary school playground, and in the view of architect martin ammermann of the bamberger buro ammermann und dohler, it is nothing more than a disturbing barrier in the cityscape.

The prehistory
Five years ago or so the city put the embankment on the index. After a competition for the redesign of the area, the bamberg landscape architects had received the planning contract and in 2012 the district office had approved the building application and thus sealed the end for the railroad embankment.

So now it's up to him. First, a hole is torn in its back, where until recently the indoor swimming pool stood, a temporary passageway will be built. Yesterday, before the workers from the company koch from veilsdorf got down to work, mayor robert herrmann (CSU) took the wheel and the controls of an excavator to remove the symbolic first shovel.

He spoke of an "important moment for the city, hence the ceremony, which was attended by a handful of guests. The breakthrough through the railroad embankment is initially intended to create an emergency passage for motor homes and motor vehicles, because from monday, 26. August, the actual access via georg-nadler-strabe will be closed due to construction work. The traffic situation in the area of the church kindergarten, the youth center in the kujathhaus and the train stop is to be improved.

Where one currently tumbles over a gutter rather than walking safely, a two-meter wide burgersteig will be created. He will also complete the barrier-free path connection to the schools in georg-nadler-strabe. Even a guidance system for the blind has been considered.

Sustainable change
The area around the railroad line and georg-nadler-strabe is the area in ebern where the most has been done in recent years, and which will continue to change in the coming years, the mayor announced.

School renovations and new buildings, the redesigned municipal gymnasium, the new indoor swimming pool, the plan for a canteen, the planned new construction of the indoor swimming pool, an all-weather court at the elementary school, and the expansion of the secondary school already approved by the district council, and last but not least a new system of footpaths that will extend the ring road, all stand for this. "A really nice urban area" is being created here found herrmann "that has won very much here."

This redesign also includes that the "completely inadmissible tunnel for pedestrians", according to ammermann, will be removed, that crossed under the old railroad line will disappear. From the so-called "tegut traffic circle after the removal of the railroad ramp, a fubweg will one day run at ground level up to the railroad stop.

The real work starts in september

According to the mayor's announcement, the complete reconstruction of the footpaths up to coburger strabe can only take place in a second construction phase, namely when the pipeline routes for the planned local heating network, the framework conditions for the construction of the new indoor swimming pool and the extension of the secondary school have been clarified.

Robert herrmann expressed his gratitude that the government of lower franconia had approved the early start of construction and included the planning for the new road network in the urban development requirement (stadtumbau west). One counts on subsidies up to 60 per cent.

The reconstruction of the railroad embankment may only begin from 1 january 2009. September, because the fauna in the bushes should not be disturbed. The lower nature conservation authority at the district office had pulled the brakes because of the breeding birds. But then things will move ahead quickly, promised the mayor and the head of the exporting company, michael koch.

Platform always accessible
Herrmann and Koch asked for understanding in advance for traffic obstructions and larvae loads. The architect ammermann assured that the impact on the schools and the local residents will be kept as low as possible. Planners and the mayor promised that the train platform will always be accessible during the construction work, and that the detour to the "inner-city parking lot at the old sports field will be clearly signposted.

Gunter dietz, chairman of the tourism and advertising association responsible for the operation of the mobile home park, even buried the fact that the "ground-breaking ceremony" would not be a success could only take place now. Soon the season for mobile homes will end; the restrictions for the guests will not be so severe anymore.

The work in the area of the road, which has recently been renamed "am bahnhof" (at the station) the construction of the new railroad embankment is scheduled to begin on monday and will take three months to complete. The emergency access road will also be needed for this length of time.

About the costs
610.000euro costs the total tree inspection, about 300.000 in the construction of the trench (koch company, veilsdorf), 200 000 in the traffic-calmed expansion of the "zum bahnhof" road around 136.000 euros in the reconstruction of the railroad embankment and 75.000 euros in the expansion of the all-weather pitch (fa. John. Hallstadt).

60 percent demanded by the government in the course of the urban development project. It was allowed between 330.000 and 350.000 euros, robert herrmann estimates.

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