Enjoyment experience starts on mother’s day

Kirchlauter- the habberg villages of kirchlauter, neubrunn and pettstadt offer circular and cycle paths in a charming, varied and gently rolling landscape. The heilig-lander-gemeinde kirchlauter wants to offer its guests this enjoyment of nature, too, and to this end it will open its doors to the public on sunday, 12. May, the new "enjoyment experience trail through the villages with a festival.

The event kicks off with a church service at 10 a.M. In the area of the meadow orchard and the educational bee stand in kirchlauter; at 11 a.M. The hunting horn blowers will perform. Guided tours on the subject of scattered fruit are at 1 and 3 p.M. At the educational bee stand there is an hourly queen bee search.

On the adventure nature trail you can learn everything important about the topic of orchard fruit, 69 different orchard trees with many old varieties are currently in full bloom there. At a "rotating cube station you can taste your rategluck or read about it in a "blatterbuch" expand one’s knowledge about orchards. At any rate, on this adventure trail you are "on the trail of the scattered fruit".

Bee-rich area

The local beekeepers’ association speaks of a rough "density of beekeepers and bees in the community. There are about 20 beekeepers per 1000 inhabitants and therefore 5000 bees per inhabitant. This alone is proof of the extraordinarily high quality of the landscape.

The bees in particular pointed out how to use natural cycles for enjoyment, which have been functioning for millions of years and should therefore also be preserved. This becomes clear on information boards. The quantity and quality of the honey depend on the work of the bees. "Besides the care and the weather, the bees are the most important part in the growth and flourishing of high-quality fruit. Bees certainly do not think about the well-being of us humans, but about the survival of their own colony", you can read here. And even with this cycle, man has his benefit from the tasty honey.

But also other delicious products like brandy, likore and "ghosts the distiller can be enjoyed on the adventure trail, as well as wild fruit jams, juice, must and honey.

Information boards point out distilling, the "old craft for gourmets". Oldest representations of advised to it come already from the year 5500 before christ from mesopotamia. What used to be known as a "magic cure-all" is now a reality began, experiences today an incomparable variety and refined in the course of the history more and more. Today, lovers of fine spirits can choose between a tempting number of varieties.

"For our distillers in neubrunn and pettstadt, this ancient and fascinating craft is both a tradition and a passion", it says on an information board. With this, the distillery owners invite you to experience this once and spoil your palates with a variety of noble brandies and the finest distillates. This is the case at the andres estate in pettstadt, which dates back to 1750 and where johann friedrich andres obtained the concession for a brewery and restaurant as early as 1839. Bernd andres continues the tradition of distilling today. Since 1910, the knab family in neubrunn has been passing on tradition and secrets to the next generation, and the berninger family in neubrunn also treats its customers to aromatic brandies.

Focus on kirchlauter

The adventure trail is a circular route and can be started in any part of the village. The main focus is in kirchlauter with the educational beehive stand, the orchard meadow, the fishing lake, the "altlauter" and a fire site. Here there is also a play and rest station, the figurine loot and the ropeway for the children. The trail then continued to pettstadt and neubrunn and back to kirchlauter. Numerous information boards line the path and provide information about orchards, fish in the anglers’ lake and the benefits of bees.

According to mayor karl-heinz kandler, the design and presentation of this enjoyable adventure trail cost around 120,000 euros, which was subsidized accordingly.

Special offers

Numerous organizations support the festival on sunday with further exhibitions. The bund naturschutz is represented with an information stand and an exhibition on the subject of bats. The environmental education center of oberschleichach informs about the insect extinction, the bird species decline and holds a bird species quiz ready. The fruit and horticulture association prints cloth bags and offers apple juice, apple cider and waffles with apple sauce as specialties. The beekeepers keep regional honey products and bird nesting boxes ready at their stand. You can cut out wax and turn candles and there is a rich children’s program.

As the feast on "mother’s day there is a small surprise for every mother.

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