Everything new in the youth room in untererthal

The new year is to open a new chapter in the history of the youth center (juz) in untererthal. The problems that have been going on for many years are finally to come to an end. The new team is working hard to do just that.

The young people had barely taken over the premises in mid-december when they started work. In the past few days of vacation and vacations, the ten-strong team has stepped up its efforts even further. The young people from the village were busy with the renovation every day, mostly until the evening hours.

"It’s a lot of work, but we’re all motivated", says yannick hufner, the new juz chairman. There had been some disgrace in the rooms. "The whole floor has been papered over", says his deputy pascal wuscher. The young people not only did a thorough cleaning, but also wallpapered and painted the walls.

The city provided 100 euros for the paint, as pascal wuscher explains. Local representative bernd hufner, yannick hufner’s father, helped with the wallpapering. The parents’ representatives from the board also took away the old sofas and got new ones.

From 1. January: new rules for the youth room: only young people up to and including the age of 18 will be allowed to come in. The opening hours are limited to 24 hours at the most. With the new regulations, bernd hufner in particular also wants to reorganize the situation in the youth room.

The two chairmen promise to ensure that there will be no more drinking parties in the future. Spirits are no longer sold. Pascal wuscher explains: "no one gets behind the bar anymore with the exception of the board members." This should ensure an orderly sale of merchandise. Because many had simply helped themselves in the past, which also led to the loss of an overview of the finances.

The young people now campaigning for their youth space are between 14 and 18 years old, according to yannick hufner. He expects a total of about 20 young people to take advantage of the new offer. Initially, the juz will be open on weekends, and later during the week if necessary.

Most of the new team have never been to the juz before or at most once or twice. Because the over-18s, some of whom drove from outside to untererthal, had occupied the youth space for themselves and pushed out the younger ones.

One of the parties that always gave rise to complaints was the new year’s eve party. Now the young people want to show that things can be different. They want to celebrate the turn of the year in their tightly defined circle in the new youth room.

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