Fast, spabby and a bit sexy

"The music is partly chosen by the kids, because they are a different generation", laughs the ballet master of the music school. "And when i listen to the music, i can already see the movements you can do," says wilfried hamm.
Evgenij kalinov has stopped dancing in st. He learned clip dancing in st. Petersburg and got his diploma there. He has performed on the world's stages with the world-famous mariinsky ballet and has also made a name for himself with the leipzig ballet. For more than 20 years he has been passing on his knowledge at the music school. "Clipdancing is specially designed for girls from eight to 15 years of age. Anyone can come", he says. Thursdays from 18.30 o'clock is sniffing allowed.

"I find it quite gratifying that modern forms of dance are offered in addition to classical ballet training.", is pleased oberburgermeister henry schramm about the many still unknown branch of the music school. Head coach harald streit is also enthusiastic about the power the girls are displaying. Streit stresses that it is important to also offer modern things in the music school.

Eight clipdance girls are currently working hard in the ballet hall. You get the impression that there is an inveterate gang of girls at work here. The dancers go all out and have a lot of fun with it. "We sometimes meet outside", betrayal nathalie martin (14). She also got lea lorz (15), who attends secondary school with her, excited about clipdancing. "I wasn't in ballet before, but that's not a problem at all", lea encourages all those who want to start.

The teacher always joins in

At the beginning of the lessons, stretching and stretching are the order of the day. "This has to be, this is important", kalinov emphasizes and does not spare the kids. The master shows how it's done: butt out, legs up, fub tip stretched – and always smiling. Despite his 54 years, evgenij kalinov can easily keep up with the girls and doesn't even get out of breath. A real professional.

Photos on the wall bear witness to the stations of his life. He has "swan lake and "sacre du printemps danced, stood in the "nutcracker" as well on the stage as in "romeo and julia". He remembers his active and very strenuous ballet career with pleasure. He quit at the age of 33. At this age, it's time for a profiteer to make room for younger ones.

With stretching exercises on the floor, the lesson continues. Some participants blushed slightly, dropped their hooded jackets and continued only in their tops. Spagat lying down, fast leg and arm changes. "It's all very strenuous, but that's what makes it fun. Just because of this", theresa godde (14) tries to smile in addition to the stretching exercises. She is one of those who does other sports: strength training. But dancing is her passion.

This is how it is for everyone. Patricia galler (14) has been attending ballet classes for ten years. She now also does clipdance on the side. "There everything is faster, just totally different", patricia admits and everyone laughs. The 14-year-old loves it when she can let her long hair down and shake her tail around wildly. That would not be possible with ballet, with its stricter elements. Together with the others, patricia galler is now swinging on a chair during the next exercise – sexy, but with verve.

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