Forchheim district: four construction phases on the former concrete plant

Behind the name is nothing other than the redesign of the hemmerlein area.

The new developer, BPD (bouwfonds property development), one of europe’s largest property developers, presented itself to the building committee. Above all, the representatives of the company have sent a clear signal: they will stick to the specified building plan. 87 condominiums and 63 single-family homes will be built on the 30,000-square-meter site of the former concrete plant.

Construction of 54 condominiums to begin in june, july next year. The second, third and fourth phases of construction will include condominiums, townhouses and duplexes. The first apartments and houses should be ready in 2023.

Isek presentation

The presentation of the isek, the integrated urban development concept, which was presented to the market town council by the planners volker salm, markus schafer and francesca fall of the company PP-consult, lasted three hours.

The actual situation was first examined closely. What are neunkirchen’s assets, what should be preserved at all costs and how is it possible to create a market community that is comfortable for everyone?? There are pure residential, commercial and mixed-use areas available. The so-called urban deepening topics, such as the barn and the cemetery street, were also examined and proposals made. And above all: how should the retail trade develop?

Now it’s the turn of the municipal council. The municipal councils were allowed to consider how neunkirchen should develop further. These wishes are then discussed.

The flat at the middle school

The new construction of the elementary school is also part of the further development. With the SPD voting against, the city council decides in favor of the old site. The alternative would have been a land at the middle school, which belongs to the market. Now a basic decision had to be made on what to do with the flat at the middle school. Should there be a commercial area, a purely residential area or a mixed area?? Part of the land will be built on in any case, the council decided unanimously.

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