Gauland’s visit to stockheim: applause and catcalls – when will the afd coalition with csu be formed??

On saturday afternoon, the chairman of the afd parliamentary group, alexander gauland, spoke in stockheim at the "old colliery". While he was buried there with frenetic applause from around 170 supporters, there were whistling concerts and protests from around 300 demonstrators in the street. The police had to deal with numerous forces around the "old coal mine" position taken. But everything remained peaceful.

Demo against afd in weibenbrunn

"20 percent for the 14. October – that’s the goal", said gauland. 20 percent because in bavaria this is enough to convene investigative committees. But it will be years before a coalition with the CSU is formed, because otherwise the afd will lose its soul, he said.

Gauland called the migration issue the fateful question for germany, an irreversible "population exchange had to be prevented. The chairman of the parliamentary group stressed that he was not fundamentally opposed to immigration, but that his party was against uncontrolled immigration of people who did not want to make friends with the local rules.

Detlef rauh: "more and more things are going wrong"

The afd politician also issued sharp attacks against the chancellor and the csu. Horst seehofer had to stand up to merkel, assert his interests or let the coalition collapse. He saw the social democrats on a path to irrelevance. He also spoke of a "peaceful mutiny". It is legitimate for the opposition to criticize the government.

Citizens expressed their displeasure with protest signs. Represented were also local politicians from the various factions and regional dean thomas teuchgraber. "Stockheim is colorful", for example, it could be read. "We don’t need an afd, not even in the ‘old coal mine’", a local resident said.

After the election: "yes, we get it"

There were many familiar faces in the hall from the immediate vicinity; the majority were people from the so-called middle classes. Not all were party members. There were voices that said that these demonstrations at afd events were not fair. The afd is represented in the bundestag, and it has – just like any other party – the right to hold election campaign events.

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