Germany divided in two: rain in the south, sun in the north

Germany divided in two: rain in the south, sun in the north

Low "xenia" brings humid and cloudy mediterranean air from the southeast.

The week starts sunny and dry with temperatures up to 29 degrees celsius, especially in the northeast of the country. Everywhere else it was felt that the summer was coming to an end, it was said: with 17 to 25 degrees it would be somewhat cooler, with changeable to heavy clouds it could rain. In eastern bavaria and the erzgebirge mountains as far as the rhineland, there were also thunderstorms with heavy rain in some areas.

On tuesday, the dry-warm festive air of high "ortwin" will advance to the southwest and provide sunshine in many places in the north and east, with temperatures again reaching 29 degrees celsius. Otherwise, according to the DWD forecast, it will be cloudy from variable to heavy. In some places, there will be showers, but they will not be enough to alleviate the extreme regional drought. Locally there are also thunderstorms. Temperatures climb to just under 20 to 24 degrees in the cloudy regions.

On wednesday it will be a little sunnier in germany overall. Heavy cloud cover with showers and in some cases powerful thunderstorms with hail is still expected in the extreme west and northwest of the region. Everywhere else it was predominantly friendly and warm. Temperatures reach 23 to 28, at the sea and in the mountains 19 to 23 degrees.

In the middle of the week there is supposed to be a so-called high pressure over germany, the influence of which is still unclear. "From changeable and cool autumn weather to sunny and very warm late summer weather, everything is possible," according to the DWD.

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