Grunen candidate goring-eckardt wants to fight for civic center

Grunen candidate goring-eckardt wants to fight for civic center

On ARD’s "tagesthemen," the vice president of the bundestag said: "we don’t want to leave the civic center, if that’s what you want to call it, to anyone else."For next year’s federal elections, she set red-green as her goal. The greens had many points of contact and agreement with the SPD. When asked whether she would now also like to run for the greens’ party chairmanship, she replied in the negative.

Grunen faction leader renate kunast, who only came in third in the primary election with 38.6 percent of the vote, assured the two leading candidates of her backing. "The party decided with a high level of participation in the primary election on our lineup for the election campaign," she told the "tagesspiegel am sonntag" newspaper. Trittin and goring-eckardt now had the party’s strong vote in their backs, "and all of us together have the task of unseating merkel’s government in the election campaign."

Trittin had scored 71.9 percent, goring-eckardt 47.3 percent. Party leader claudia roth only in fourth place with 26.2 percent.

Goring-eckardt told "bild am sonntag" that she supports claudia roth in her candidacy for the party chairmanship. "I hope claudia roth gets a good result at the party congress."

The politician from thuringia believes her top candidacy can improve the grun election result in eastern germany. "As an east german, i know that many people there like to identify with east germans. My election as top candidate will help the greens in the election result in the east," said goring-eckhardt.

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