Guttenberg, one year later

"I was always ready to fight, but I have reached the limits of my strength." Words with which karl-theodor zu guttenberg began his resignation as defense minister exactly one year ago. Not in front of the federal press conference, but in front of a few hand-picked journalists in our own house.And he justified his step at the time by saying that he could no longer justify the plagiarism affair being played out on the backs of soldiers in the german armed forces. There was no admission of fault.

This was preceded by several weeks of public dispute over guttenberg's dissertation, large parts of which were obviously simply copied. Most recently, scientists in particular had reacted with increasing emporium to the politician's attempts to put things into perspective. In the end zu guttenberg resigned from all political offices. To the chagrin of the CSU, which had hoped for a new lease of life from the smart crowd favorite. Guttenberg withdrew. A few months later, it was announced that he would be moving with his family to the USA, probably to take a longer political sabbatical.

Eight months after the resignation announcement, there were the first interviews in the U.S., side-swipes at his former CSU friends and the book publication "failed for the time being". This took place immediately after the conclusion of the investigation by the hofer public prosecutor's office, which had certified that guttenberg had committed 23 cases of copyright infringement that were relevant under criminal law. The further investigations were against the payment of 20.000 euros have been set.

Unreasonable in public

The majority of the german public reacted to the new advances with incomprehension. Even his own party friends felt frustrated, especially since the baron was temporarily thinking of founding his own party.

In the meantime, karl-theodor zu guttenberg is looking after internet users in countries governed by authoritarianism at the EU commission in brussel. Free of charge, as the responsible EU commissioner neelie kroes confirms. And she pointed out, with an eye on guttenberg's recent past, that she was looking for talent, not saints.
What do former party members think of karl-theodor zu guttenberg in the meantime??

For hartmut koschyk, a member of the bavarian bundestag who was once guttenberg's opponent in the fight for the CSU district presidency in upper franconia, guttenberg's withdrawal is still a painful loss. However, he did not want to speculate about his possible return to politics. He should be given time in the U.S. To find himself and to reorient himself together with his family. Other french CSU politicians are even more cautious. Bavaria's interior minister joachim herrmann about. His spokesman, oliver platzer, merely pointed out that herrmann would not make a fuss about the guttenberg case. Nor did markus soder, as his press spokeswoman explained.

At the beginning of january, however, party leader seehofer made guttenberg an offer to return to the political stage relatively quickly. But he cancelled. In the long term, he does not want to make any more public appearances in germany; at most, as a politically minded person, he will occasionally speak out on apolitical issues. Meanwhile, surveys confirm that karl-theodor zu guttenberg would do well to let the plagiarism affair grow a little longer. According to an opinion poll by the yougov institute, 51 percent of respondents were against guttenberg's return to politics. Only 34 percent were in favor.

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