Help against chestnut leaf miner

Help against chestnut leaf miner

On chestnuts, brown spots are increasingly visible on the green leaves as early as summer. They are caused by the chestnut leaf miner moth. The pest was introduced from greece and attacks mainly the female chestnut trees with flowers. There he has natural opponents such as special caterpillar species. But these are not present with us. As a newcomer, the leaf miner can thus spread unhindered.

In the last few years the population of chestnut trees has been severely damaged by this pest. A direct fight against the pest is not possible, because the larva lives protected between the epidermis and hypodermis of the leaves. Now it pupates and hibernates in the foliage.

It is good, however, if the infested leaves are continuously cleared away and destroyed. This is the only way to counter the spread of the phenomenon. In public gardens, it has been found that the infestation has been reduced by two-thirds due to this reduction in m.

But no tree species can be sure of being decimated at some point by invading pests. Thus the ulmensterben with us has already almost all ulmen abtoten let. 200 years ago, this disease ravaged england, where it also did a great job.

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