Hirschaider personnel carousel causes displeasure

Hirschaider personnel carousel causes displeasure

Once again, the market town council is affected by a change in personnel: daniel seeberger of the CSU faction is leaving at his own request due to professional and private changes. For legal reasons, the market town council could not object to his request for release from honorary office. The first successor on the CSU list was H.-G. Muhlbauer, who, however, renounced his affiliation to the market town council.
The other successor on the list, christian buttel, who has been advising the council in his capacity as local spokesman for friesen, will now take his place. Buttel agreed. Friesen no longer has a separate local spokesman after being sworn in as a market town councilor.
The change was not left uncommented in the meeting this time, after the strikingly frequent changes had already been subjected to critical scrutiny on the local page of the frankischer tag.
This time, kurt barthelmes of the WG regnitzau expressed his regret about the new legal regulation, according to which it is no longer necessary to have a special reason for giving up a seat on a municipal council. In this way, the council chairs could also be raffled off at the same time, the lawyer remarked. A municipal council election therefore no longer has anything to do with democracy. Barthelmes: "an aberration!" And the SPD councillor josef haas was furious because it is accepted that someone has been absent from meetings for a long time without being excused. "That stinks to heaven", haas said.

Error in the building office

The "nahversorgungszentrum II" development plan had almost been approved in sassanfahrt all hurdles of the hearing procedure taken, but now the development plan must be put on public display again. The reason for this is the objection of a berlin lawyer who represents a resident of the development area: during the second public display, the expert alarm study was not visible on the internet during the entire display period. Therefore, the lawyer criticized a "considerable procedural error".
This is now remedied by a new public interpretation, which was decided with two votes against. A bit meekly, mayor klaus homann admitted that the mistake had been made in the construction office of the market township. It remains to be seen whether the delay will have a negative impact and whether the municipality will have to answer for it.

The balance sheet is right again

From one pocket to the other: as an auxiliary company of the administration, the market's building yard provides services for cost-accounting facilities such as water supply and wastewater disposal. So that the balance sheet is correct, the working hours are charged: retroactively for 2017 with 31 euros per hour. This corresponds to average gross personnel costs of 27 euros plus an overhead surcharge of 15 percent. The market town council agreed with this regulation.
Mayor klaus homann put the damage caused by the heavy storm with devastating hailstorms on 11 a.M. At around 50,000 euros. June of this year of the market community at various buildings has arisen. The repair costs at the hirschaider school alone amounted to 25,000 euros. Because most of the buildings in the municipality are only insured against fire, the mayor decided to issue an urgent order, namely to increase the insurance coverage of the frankenlagune, the regnitzarena, the three kindergartens and both schools. Insurance premiums will increase from 31,364 to 87,700 euros, with a 25,000-euro deductible. In view of the storms that have occurred in the meantime, causing considerable damage in neighboring hausen and heroldsbach, the market town council approved the increase in insurance coverage by the mayor without further ado.

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