Hsc coburg: “more commitment shown in the night life in the stone road…”

Despite the good table position and the continuing chance of achieving the season’s goal of "among the best four", the team is still in a good position the renewed defeat by the rival is hard on the stomach.
Coach jan gorr said after the game: "that really hurts. But after 60 minutes of fighting, I congratulate my colleague on this well-deserved victory." The HSC fans were also disgusted, as they had to watch the visiting supporters celebrate once again. Thanks to a large police force, this time it remained peaceful. But it was not only on the field that the team exchanged its supporters. The fact that players and, above all, a responsible functionary had not for the first time enjoyed a night of reminiscing about a defeat in the coburg stone path was met with much displeasure. Fans expressed their anger on facebook. David bohlein wrote: "it is very sad that after an embarrassing derby defeat in the coburger steinweg, some players show more commitment than in 60 minutes of handball. But what can you expect when some officials in the steinweg are setting an example?.

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