Insights into the ebenhausen fire department

Insights into the ebenhausen fire department

"We can rely on our fellow citizens. They come, even if it is not so already, and celebrate with us", says chairman manfred schubert, who has been organizing the festival perfectly for decades. "We need around 50 helpers to run the day in two shifts", he adds. The income was used to purchase a high-pressure air compressor, a folder and a fax machine. The festival visitors know their way around the fire department equipment. Rough guides and explanations were not necessary. Many a question from the guests was discussed in detail with the deputy commander, kai niedergesab. The current equipment includes, above all, a ten-year-old LF 8/6 fire engine with engine fire extinguisher, breathing apparatus and water tank, as chairman schubert explains. In addition, there is a transit bus, built in 1973, in which the volunteers travel to their assignments.

"Our equipment is adequate. But the ford transit has many years under its belt. We review further equipment such as boots, protective suits, helmets and gloves on an annual basis and clarify any additions in consultation with the mayor at the rough municipal level", supplemented schubert. This had been preserved and included long-term wishes and investments. This year, the municipality will also have the five windows in the crew quarters of the ebenhausen fire brigade replaced by the schuler company (ebenhausen). It costs 2500 euro.

"Once a month we call the active members to a training session", adds the deputy commander. "Everybody receives the individual dates at the beginning of the year, in order to be able to keep the day free in the long term. For this we change the day of the week." Of course, not everyone can always join in, for example students or people employed outside the company. "We exercise with the youngsters every two weeks", adds youth director markus krehan. "At the moment we have ten young people who are eager to do their job. Soon we will again invite to our own promotional evening in order to recruit further forces."

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