Isek requirements were ignored

Regarding the designation of the "schirnaider strabe" building area in eggolsheim: an integrated urban development concept (isek) was drawn up for eggolsheim in a very extensive process. I, as a citizen representative, played an active role in this and in the end made the release of the isek possible in the first place with my signature.

But if the municipality is now acting past the guidelines, this is apparently possible without any problems. This isek, which cost several 100,000 euros, is apparently no longer binding for the mayor and the town council. I am concerned about this procedure.

The "schirnaidler strabe" building area now planned was actually designated as a "post-compaction area for overriding municipal objectives or community needs facilities" set. This includes z.B. Schools, daycare centers, sports halls or nursing homes. Why the municipality is now disregarding these requirements and designating a general residential area parallel to the three social housing buildings in this privileged area is completely contradictory.

In addition to the social housing, 18 single-family houses and two duplexes, i.E. 20 private houses, are to be built here, which any citizen can build or buy. It is questionable whether the three social housing buildings will be available at all in the long term for social housing use in eggolsheim.

The fact is that the three buildings will be realized by a private, profit-oriented developer. With the sale of the land by the municipality, the developer also becomes sole owner. The municipality has therefore no more influence if the developer abandons in the medium term the social housing use in favor of higher profits.

I ask myself why I and many others have put so much effort into the development of the isek, if one now simply ignores it. The leveraging of these specifications once again clearly shows the value estimation in the municipality's management.

It would have been desirable if our community representatives had been better informed and had not simply waved this development through. The citizens' petition with over 1000 signatures against parts of this building area is also a sign that many citizens no longer accept the current municipal policy.

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