Khedira understands non-nomination

"If there are better ones at the moment, then I will accept that, I understand that. But if I’m nominated because the national coach thinks I could help the DFB, then that’s always both an honor and an obligation for me," the 31-year-old juventus turin midfielder wrote on his social channels. Khedira also said: "and if it’s not enough for me, it would be even more incentive for me to keep working on myself. I owe it to my sport, to the DFB, to the people who have supported me and believe in me, and last but not least to myself."

Khedira has scored seven goals in 77 internationals. After their first-round exit from the world cup in russia, mesut ozil and mario gomez announced their resignation from the national team. On 6. September the DFB team starts the newly created national league in munich against world champion france, followed three days later by a test match against peru in sinsheim. The bid for these games will be announced low on 29. August known.

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