Love that endures – even in death

Love that endures - even in death

And when the time comes and georges, who has just talked anne to sleep with an old children’s story, holds his wife tightly against him in a last final act of love – you feel for him, you experience one of the great moments in cinema history.

The award-winning film "love" has something to do with eroticism for the elderly by michael haneke but absolutely nothing to do. Well with a deep, tender love of an old couple, which is preserved in the most serious illness and in death. The film addresses the despair that can arise from the excessive demands of caring for a loved one, the high physical and psychological commitment of all those involved, and the shame felt by those in need because of their frailty. The bamberger hospizverein makes it possible to endure this film in a way that formally the last steps of georges and anne can be followed. Under the motto "life paths – I’ll walk with you a little way…" On the occasion of world hospice day (12. October) for this cinema evening on wednesday, 16. October, a – with a subsequent round of talks.

"With this event, we want to make people sensitive to the question of what they need in difficult situations and in their last phase of life, and what we can do", declares konrad goller, chairman of the hospice association. At the same time, the aim is to encourage people to dare to look at their fellow human beings. Sometimes the need to help is right next door, says goller: "we need a caring neighbor", especially in the hard-to-reach rural regions, where flat-area palliative care is almost impossible to provide.

The cinema evening with experts could contribute to widening the view of possibilities of action in case of possible own concern and to strengthen the solidarity in community to demand. Because "loneliness and despair of patients in severe illness and at the end of life can be alleviated or even prevented by the attentiveness of the community", konrad goller is sure. His appeal sounds flaming: "we must not look away – seriously ill and dying people belong in the midst of our society." Dying as a part of life "concerns everyone". Not only the volunteers in the hospice movement, who "are a role model for a dignified treatment of the needy in our society", says the chairman of the association.

Of course the cinema evening also wants to arouse interest in the hospice work that is carried out in the christine denzler-labisch-haus: "hospice work helps in life, gives time, tries to strengthen normality in everyday life by supporting everyday things", konrad goller promotes a personal conversation in the cinema cafe with hospice workers. Already in the morning the generational film "and when we all move in together" is shown for students in the age group 15 to 18. Talking partners from the fields of medicine, pastoral care and hospice are also available for you. School classes had to register, the cinema is completely booked out.

Film the bamberger hospizverein invites all interested (FSK 12) on wednesday, 16. October, 6 p.M., at the odeon cinema, luitpoldstrabe 25, by. Thanks to the support of the company bosch bamberg the entrance is free. The film "love" will be shown by michael haneke starring jean-louis trintignant, emmanuelle riva and isabelle huppert. The film won the palme d’or at the cannes international film festival in 2012 and an oscar in 2013, as well as other awards.

After the film screening, several speakers will be available: dr. Brigitte lotter (palliative physician), markus starklauf (graduate theologian, chaplain of the specialized outpatient palliative care SAPV), konrad goller (chairman of the hospice association), silke kastner and priska lauper (coordinators of the outpatient hospice service), anegret schubothe (hospice employee of the working group for mourning), marlene groth, monika schauer, margaretha wagner (hospice helpers).

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