Marchenerzahler travels back in time with schoolchildren

Arthur stollberger marchenerzahler heidi andriessens visited schlossberg elementary school. She was able to transport the children of the first and second elementary school grades into a completely different world in a confident manner and interesting historical outfit.

Heidi andriessens knows elementary schools and their students inside out. She herself was a teacher in the former elementary school for 41 years and knew how to captivate the schoolchildren with the imaginary world of the fairytale on the one hand and how to ensure discipline at all times on the other.

The word "former plays a very important role in your payments. The description of the living conditions and social classes of the time are clarified and backed up by repetitive questions. She told of the meager way of life in earlier times.

Clogs in winter

The schoolchildren learned that they often walked barefoot; in winter they wore wooden shoes. The fathers were often on the road to find work in the city.

The mothers helped with the farmers in the village, for example, baking bread or slaughtering animals. In return, they received natural gifts, such as a loaf of bread or a jug of milk, andriessens said. But the marchenerzahler also reported on how the fruits of the forest were processed.

At the end, heidi andriessens thanked teachers karin kuttner and ines bauer for their work. The donation she received for the marchener numbers will be donated to the wurzburg association "fortschritt" to be given to. This helps children, adolescents and adults suffering from cerebral motion disorders.

Heidi andriessens works on a voluntary basis. She is, among other things, a member of the lower franconian parliament and holder of the bavarian minister-president’s badge of honor for services to honorary office.

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