Miley Cyrus: first song after the breakup

Miley cyrus (26) has released the first single since her split from husband liam hemsworth (29). On thursday (local time) the sanger put the video of "slide away" on youtube and afterwards on instagram.

The celebrity couple recently split after less than a year of marriage, as announced by the management of the singer and actress. Allusions to the breakup can be interpreted into the lyrics to the new song: for example, "at a time when it was like paradise," he says. And further: "one day I woke up and everything had turned to dust."

The song line "we’re not 17, I’m not who I used to be" could allude to the couple getting to know each other. Cyrus and hemsworth met on the set of the film "mit dir an meiner seite" in 2009. Cyrus portrays a 17 year old girl from.

In her latest song she also sings about drugs and alcohol: "i liked my house in the mountains, i didn’t like the whiskey and the pills. I do not give up so easily, but I am exhausted."

Cyrus and hemsworth had gotten engaged in 2012, but broke up shortly thereafter. 2015 the couple approached again and came together again. On 23. December 2018 married cyrus and hemsworth.

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