New playground enriches reutersbrunn

The parents of reutersbrunn had specific ideas about how the playground at stolzenrangen should be redesigned. Local spokesman andreas leibold picked up on this and got in touch with the city. A small celebration was held on thursday afternoon to inaugurate the successful result.

Local speaker leibold praised the parents for their initiative, the responsible persons at the city of ebern and in particular the employees of the building yard ebern around their leader christian raehse. "The employees of the building yard have lent a hand, so that the project could be implemented relatively quickly", leibold was pleased. He explained that the sandbox has been relocated and redesigned, a nest swing has been installed and teeter-totters have been replaced. The center of the playground is now a climbing trunk on which children can practice their climbing and balancing skills. The children of the village, including twelve between one and five years old, have taken to the playground very well. On weekends, even parents from the surrounding area came here with their children, he said. Christian raehse explained that the playground is very "natural" designed to make a particularly good impression.

Mayor jurgen hennemann (SPD) praises the cooperation between the people of reutersbrunn and the building yard people. "I am pleased that with the climbing tree something meaningful with little cost has been created", he said.

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