Nuclear dispute: North Korea threatens its enemies

Nuclear dispute: north korea threatens its enemies

The country has "no other choice but to completely review the nuclear dispute," a statement from the ministry of agriculture in pjongjang published by the state media said on friday. At the same time, a spokesman accused the governments in sud korea and the united states of inciting refugees returning to north korea to destroy statues of former head of state kim il sung. The accusation was firmly rejected by seoul.

According to observers, north korea wanted to send a warning signal with the embassy. The regime’s real intention is to put pressure on the u.S. To get washington to resume dialogue with pjongjang, the sudkorean news agency yonhap quoted a government official in seoul as saying. In sud korea, there are still fears that north korea could carry out a third nuclear test.

In may, north korea denied alleged plans for a nuclear test. At the same time, however, the communist country had threatened to expand its "nuclear deterrent".

According to reports in the north korean media, a returned refugee named jon yong chol was arrested on charges of trying to destroy statues of kim sil sung. Jon has testified that he was ordered to do so by sud korean and U.S. Intelligence agencies. This "only makes the prospect of the denuclearization of the (korean) peninsula more dim," a spokesman for the aube ministry was quoted as saying.

The new north korean ruler kim jong un was awarded the title of marshal this week, according to official reports. Observers suspect that the symbolic step is intended to gain the nearly 30-year-old even more respect in the national army.

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