Charlotte Wittnebel-Schmitz growing old together, standing together in good times and bad, that's what every couple wants when they get married. Edgar (73) and luzia wolf (68) from machtilshausen celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on saturday. Wedding day.

Luzia hieb was born mutzel and was born in 1951 in machtilshausen. Edgar wolf is five years old and was born in wingst near cuxhaven in 1946.

A visit to the zeil wine festival had serious consequences for a woman from coburg: district court judge roland wiltschka sentenced the 64-year-old to a three-month driving ban and a fine of 45 days at three euros each for reckless endangerment of road traffic. The verdict is already legally binding.

Before the court in habfurt, the pensioner described the night of 4. August as the worst night of your life. Together with her handicapped companion, the coburg woman had driven to the zeiler wine festival in the mobile home. There she drank herself up to 22 o'clock after all 1.24 promille and then retreated with her husband in the camper back.

He sits at the dining table and grins – sebastian niedermaier, 25, self-employed master gardener. On the one hand he grins, because he actually always likes to do so. On the other hand, because he has just told an anecdote: "many people have said: 'but you're an organic gardener, you have to go to the greens'. Others again: 'your godfather is csuler, you have to join the CSU'."

The young man landed somewhere else entirely: with the SPD. He is running in the city council elections in march on list position 9. Why? Because he has the most in common with the SPD, as he says. And he thinks: "I can do it in my own time."

Hirschaider personnel carousel causes displeasure

Once again, the market town council is affected by a change in personnel: daniel seeberger of the CSU faction is leaving at his own request due to professional and private changes. For legal reasons, the market town council could not object to his request for release from honorary office. The first successor on the CSU list was H.-G. Muhlbauer, who, however, renounced his affiliation to the market town council.
The other successor on the list, christian buttel, who has been advising the council in his capacity as local spokesman for friesen, will now take his place. Buttel agreed. Friesen no longer has a separate local spokesman after being sworn in as a market town councilor.
The change was not left uncommented in the meeting this time, after the strikingly frequent changes had already been subjected to critical scrutiny on the local page of the frankischer tag.
This time, kurt barthelmes of the WG regnitzau expressed his regret about the new legal regulation, according to which it is no longer necessary to have a special reason for giving up a seat on a municipal council. In this way, the council chairs could also be raffled off at the same time, the lawyer remarked. A municipal council election therefore no longer has anything to do with democracy. Barthelmes: "an aberration!" And the SPD councillor josef haas was furious because it is accepted that someone has been absent from meetings for a long time without being excused. "That stinks to heaven", haas said.

Error in the building office

The "nahversorgungszentrum II" development plan had almost been approved in sassanfahrt all hurdles of the hearing procedure taken, but now the development plan must be put on public display again. The reason for this is the objection of a berlin lawyer who represents a resident of the development area: during the second public display, the expert alarm study was not visible on the internet during the entire display period. Therefore, the lawyer criticized a "considerable procedural error".
This is now remedied by a new public interpretation, which was decided with two votes against. A bit meekly, mayor klaus homann admitted that the mistake had been made in the construction office of the market township. It remains to be seen whether the delay will have a negative impact and whether the municipality will have to answer for it.

From the north, from the direction of wittershausen, aura can be reached via a newly built road. In the future, this should also be the case from south, in the direction of euerdorf. But for the time being, this connection has been cut off.

Traffic signs have been announcing it for several days: the route between euerdorf and aura will be closed from monday, 30 mn. July, fully blocked. The state road becomes a construction site. "We are glad that the route is being tackled", says mayor thomas hack (CSU/burger fur aura). For this reason, the closure for the duration of the vacations is gladly accepted.

Especially at the beginning of the pandemic-related restrictions and requirements, it was important for craftsmen to have a contact person on the spot. Danny dobmeier, who has been employed by the chamber of handicrafts for three years as the head of the office for lichtenfels and coburg, was able to mediate and give tips on emergency aid or hygiene concepts. "There was massive demand." The state trade associations had done a good job there, stressed dobmeier. But the kreishandwerkerschaft is at the center of the exchange of experience. For the first time, technical options, such as electronic voting, were used because meetings were not possible. The contact point in the mainau has significance. And no one here wanted to argue about the continuation of such a contact point either. Although changes are in the offing.

The 1980s building belongs to the chamber, which has already decided to abandon the apprentice workshops behind it.

Miley cyrus (26) has released the first single since her split from husband liam hemsworth (29). On thursday (local time) the sanger put the video of "slide away" on youtube and afterwards on instagram.

The celebrity couple recently split after less than a year of marriage, as announced by the management of the singer and actress. Allusions to the breakup can be interpreted into the lyrics to the new song: for example, "at a time when it was like paradise," he says. And further: "one day I woke up and everything had turned to dust."

This time solo: werner schmidbauer comes on the 13th. october to coburg

The songwriter werner schmidbauer comes on friday, 13. October, with his first solo program to coburg. The concert takes place from 20.30 o’clock in the black baren instead.
For more than 20 years werner schmidbauer formed a duo with martin kalberer, at times a trio with pipo pollina and martin kalberer, playing to sold-out houses and the packed arena di verona. Now he returns to his roots as a songwriter with his first solo program.
Reduced to one voice and one guitar, old and new songs take on a whole new depth when werner schmidbauer’s musical treasure chest is opened up. Closest he has ever been to his audience than in this program.
"After 35 years of making songs and after 22 years in a duo with martin kalberer, it is now a great and urgent need for me to stand alone on stage with my songs. I just wanted to let the songs sound pure, i.E. Only with guitar and voice, to stand on stage as a singer with my guitar and experience the intimitacy and essence of my songs together with the audience, unprotected by other sounds and arrangements" says the 56-year-old who has been "live from alabama" for many years hosted and has hosted the tv show "gipfeltreffen" since 2003 as a spokesman prominent fellow hiker accompanied. The rest and the experiences on the long journeys in his "free year" had brought him back to himself, schmidbauer says. "With themselves." Arrived, he now also wants to be much closer to my audience again. Schmidbauer: "we will listen together, groove, laugh, cry and enjoy the moments in the south of our hearts."
Tickets are available from the usual ticket agencies.

The new building for the fire department in creidlitz will be more expensive than estimated. Thorsten huld of the city’s building department admitted on wednesday in the meeting of the building and environment senate that the first estimates had been a bit too optimistic on the one hand, and on the other hand that the first calculations had been too high. Now the construction on the creidlitzer strabe on the right side at the end of the town in the direction of ketschendorf is estimated at 2.02 million euros, 320000 euros more than initially estimated.

Thorsten huld explained the increase in costs as a result of the general increase in construction prices of five percent last year, a fire alarm system (30,000 euros) and the photovoltaic system required by the energy saving ordinance (enev) (23,500 euros). However, the major part of the additional cost is due to the securing of the construction pit, the earthworks with disposal of excavated earth (126,500 euros) and the resulting higher fees (53,000 euros).

golf summit: europe wants to dethrone us ryder cup team

The ryder cup gets noisy. Very loud. "Allez, allez, allez", the french battle cry, is written in huge letters on the blue transparent of the gigantic tribune on the first tee at le golf national near paris.

Early friday morning, here alone, over 7000 golf-mad fans will give the best pros from europe and the u.S. A deafening reception at the world’s biggest and most emotional golf event. Over the three days, the organizers expect more than 270 young people to take part.000 spectators at the golf course on the outskirts of the french capital.