Positive development in the frawalcenter

The frawal furniture center is to have apartments for assisted living in a section on the second floor. The offer of the mobile center will not be negatively affected by this, according to the management. Rather, the offer is even to be enlarged.

As far as assisted living is concerned, the management explains that some apartments for "age-appropriate living" will be built on previously empty partial areas on the second floor in cooperation with the senior day care center pompe, which is already located on the first floor with the full service that this entails. The second floor will also house the fitness studio "fitness 24", which is already established on three floors expanding with a special offer.

Other service providers in the building complex, which covers a total area of around 10,000 square meters, are extremely successful and are also considering expansion. According to the management, the frawalcenter is a lively, very attractive location for healthy living, positive residential feelings and high-tech applications.

Mayor Wolfgang Beiergroblein also fully agrees. He is pleased about this excellent development in the lucas cranach city.

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