Prosecutor demands nine and six-and-a-half years’ imprisonment in drug trial

. Senior public prosecutor jakobeit demanded for michael S., accused of trafficking in narcotics in a not insignificant amount, a six and a half year prison sentence. For marcel G., the prosecutor demanded a nine-year prison sentence for the man, who is also accused of armed trafficking in a not insignificant amount of narcotics. He rejected placement in a closed psychiatric facility.

Defenders' incomprehension
The demanded punishments met with incomprehension from the defense team. Attorney olivia viola ulbrich (frankfurt) held a two-year prison sentence for her client michael S. For sufficient. The prosecution was not able to prove the existence of a racketeering conspiracy, and the 28-year-old had otherwise been convicted mere subordinate acts of support provided.
"It is a purely circumstantial trial", my lawyer stefan seidel (niederwerrn), who pleaded for the defense team of marcel G. (22) pleaded. The evidence did not support a gang agreement. "The defense was unanimous", stressed the specialist lawyer for criminal law. In addition, he was of the opinion that the baseball bat found in his client's room could not be attributed to him due to a lack of consciousness of the crime of conspiracy. The court had indicated a similar view in its remarks. Seidel's consequence: he demanded a prison sentence of two and a half years for his client, which the engaged young man should spend in a psychiatric institution.
Prosecutor jakobeit admittedly saw the presence of a gang even if an explicit agreement cannot be proven. One has with other E. One main perpetrator and two other perpetrators, or at least assistants. "I don't believe the story of his alleged blackmail in frankfurt", he referred to the contradictory testimony of the latter. "They wanted to do it again. This is the crux of the matter", the experienced prosecutor was sure.

"Chain of evidence closed"
The chain of evidence is closed. Cannabis with a total amount of 1.7 kilograms of THC was found, the not small amount had been exceeded 239-fold. "And the defendants claim they did not know what was at stake all along. Whoever believes this can no longer be helped", argued the prosecutor.
Regarding marcel G. Reminded that almost 700 grams of hashish and a baseball bat were found on him. This carries the accusation of armed trafficking. In addition, he had on the occasion of the house search ten minutes drugs down the toilet, until the police could arrest him. For his actions he should be given a normal prison sentence, not a psychiatric placement.

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