Pure beauty: david hockney’s window paintings

The view outside, the view inside – the window. A classic motif in art that at first glance seems less than spectacular, but which produced masterpieces by painters such as henri matisse.

Among the rough "window painters" is definitely david hockney, whose work has now been published in the rough art book "my window" (taschen). 120 drawings from 2009 to 2012 selected by hockney himself.

You don’t have to be a big flower lover – but it helps. "My friend john put different flowers there every two or three days," writes david hockney in the foreword about the core motif of his window paintings, which were not created on the sketchpad or canvas.

For ten years, hockney has been creating digital. He first discovered the iphone, then later the ipad, which allows an even greater attention to detail, while the iphone stands for a stronger immediacy.

And what does david hockney see when he looks through the window of his house in bridlington, east yorkshire?? Flowers natural and closed shutters, through which the sun breaks brightly. The roof of a house opposite, surmounted by a construction crane. Sometimes a table lamp illuminates a book, sometimes a coffee pot replaces the flowers.In the cycle of the day, in the cycle of the year.

And it’s a microcosmic and colorful adventure – david hockney didn’t even have to get out of bed to do it. One is involuntarily reminded of henri matisse, who – albeit due to illness – worked in bed in his studio in nice and discovered a new artistic freedom with his silhouettes and collages.

Art should be like a comfortable armchair, is one of henri matisse’s credos – and david hockney is not that far away from that. "I draw flowers on my iphone every day and send them to my friends so they get fresh flowers every morning. And my flowers stay," he said, according to the telegraph.

And with the return of the seemingly eternal, david hockney sharpens the senses for reality, which he also likes to alienate. The realization is pure beauty.

Next to the collector?S edition, signed by david hockney, there are also four art editions of 250 copies each, which include a print signed by hockney.

David hockney. My window, by david hockney, hans werner holzwarth hardcover, 38,5 x 50 cm, 248 pages, edition of 1.000 exemplars ? 1.750, ISBN 978-3-8365-7702-1 (english)

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