Rentweinsdorf is upside down at the weekend

Rentweinsdorf is upside down at the weekend

For a good three weeks now, the sechserrate and their hard-working helpers have been busy transforming the rentweinsdorf market hall into a carnival arena. Now the preparations are as good as finished.

The hand-painted, still top-secret stage design – again sketched by frederik schorn – is ready, the new music system is installed and the spotlights are aligned. The rentweinsdorfer are ready for their two carnival meetings on friday, 15., and saturday, 16. February, from 7 p.M. In the rentweinsdorf market hall.

In order to be true to the motto, you have to reminisce a bit about your childhood. The carnival motto is "the rentweinsdorfers and their heroes of childhood".

There is also a special reason to celebrate this year: RCG rentweinsdorf has been in existence for 30 years. That’s why all the former sixth rates have been invited to the carnival meetings.

Still remaining tickets

The event on saturday is completely sold out. Those who decide at short notice still have the opportunity to purchase tickets for friday at the dorr bakery in rentweinsdorf or on friday at the box office. Guests can once again look forward to a colorful, five-hour program that includes dancing and sketches as well as speeches.

Of course, carnival medals will be presented again. Three dance guards and a male ballet will provide breakneck dance performances. Around 100 performers will again give their best on both evenings to make the audience laugh. Among them are old familiar groups but also new faces.

Dance floor free

After the program, there will be dancing. Foolish hustle and bustle as well as bar business prevail. For the physical well-being is likewise in the best way ensured.

In addition, the RCG points to the old wives’ carnival, which will be held on thursday, 28. February, from 20 clock in rentweinsdorfer market hall takes place. DJ OZ" provides the musical accompaniment.

As further specials the mannerballette from rentweinsdorf, ebern and reckendorf appear and provide for mad dance interludes. Admission is free for women.

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