Rough donation handed over

Parish priest matthias steffel and church caretaker otmar schneider were delighted with a generous donation of 1500 euros, which was given to them by gerda rittmayer for the reconstruction of the two side altars in the hallerndorf church.
"I am honored to be able to help support the church of my childhood and youth with this donation.", said gerda rittmayer from bamberg. "I think it’s a great thing that the altars are being restored to their former state", the donor added: "furthermore, with my donation i would also like to preserve the memory of my dear parents johanna and franz rittmayer as well as that of my grandfather georg rittmayer"."
The hallerndorf native likes to visit the cemetery and the grave of her family, never missing a visit to the church.
Pastor steffel informed about the progress of the work already begun and thanked with the indication that every donation for the realization of these works is really the participation in a gross and unique work.

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